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13-Jun-2014Autoethnography: Proposing a New Research Method for Information Systems ResearchO Riordan, Niamh
Jul-2019The Bitcoin Game: Ethno-resonance as MethodKavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, GianlucaEnnis, Paul J.
2016Changing a leopard's spots: A new research direction for organizational culture in the operations management fieldMarshall, DonnaMetters, RichPagell, Mark
1995Chronigami: Folding and unfolding TimeKavanagh, DonnchaAraujo, Luis
May-2021Considering Occupational Safety Awareness in Elite Rugby: A Game of Near-MissesChen, YanbingBuggy, Conor J.Fullam, KarlKelly, Seamus
Dec-2015Empirically derived user attributes for the design of home healthcare technologiesBurrows, AlisonGooberman-Hill, RachaelCoyle, David
4-Jul-2015Ethnography in and around an AlgorithmKavanagh, DonnchaMcGarraghy, SeanKelly, Séamas
4-Jun-2018Ethnography, Documents, and Big Data: Reflections on Teaching with David HakkenShankar, Kalpana
8-Jul-2017Infrastructures and their invisible carnivalesqueKavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, Gianluca
2015Intimacy and Vulnerability among Young Men of Colour who have Sex with Men: An Ethnographic Approach to Social Networks and Public VenuesVasquez del Aguila, Ernesto
18-May-2015Investigating Contexts of Use for the Development of Domestic Healthcare Technology: An Ethnographic StudyBurrows, AlisonNoyes, JanGooberman-Hill, RachaelCoyle, David
Jun-2010Menopause narratives: the interplay of women's embodied experiences with biomedical discoursesHyde, AbbeyNee, JeanHowlett, EtaoineDrennan, JonathanButler, Michelle
1-Jan-1998The Net as a Foraging Society: Flexible CommunitiesKomito, Lee
Mar-2018Privacy, boundaries and smart homes for health: An ethnographic studyBurrows, AlisonCoyle, DavidGooberman-Hill, Rachael
15-Dec-2021Queering the Imperial Romance: Settler Colonialism, Heteronormativity, and Interracial Intimacy in Sygurd Wiśniowski’s TikeraFermanis, Porscha
Sep-2014Riding the Practice Waves: Social Resourcing Practices During New Venture DevelopmentKeating, AndrewGeiger, SusiMcLoughlin, DamienCunningham, Anthony C.