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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An analysis of genotype-phenotype maps in grammatical evolutionFagan, DavidO'Neill, MichaelGalván-López, EdgarBrabazon, AnthonyMcGarraghy, Sean
5-Sep-2012Applying Genetic Regulatory Networks to Index TradingNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
Jul-2010Defining locality in genetic programming to predict performanceGalván-López, EdgarMcDermott, JamesO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
Feb-2011Dynamic trade execution : a grammatical evolution approachCui, WeiBrabazon, AnthonyO'Neill, Michael
2010Evolutionary computation and trade executionCui, WeiBrabazon, AnthonyO'Neill, Michael
24-Apr-2010Evolutionary design using grammatical evolution and shape grammars : designing a shelterO'Neill, MichaelMcDermott, JamesSwafford, John MarkByrne, JonathanHemberg, ErikBrabazon, AnthonyShotton, ElizabethMcNally, CiaranHemberg, Martin
2010Evolving a Ms. PacMan controller using grammatical evolutionGalván-López, EdgarSwafford, John MarkO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
6-Jun-2008Evolving Scale-Free Topologies using a Gene Regulatory Network ModelNicolau, MiguelSchoenauer, Marc
2008GEVA : grammatical evolution in JavaO'Neill, MichaelHemberg, ErikGilligan, ConorBartley, EliottMcDermott, JamesBrabazon, Anthony
1-May-2010Grammar-based genetic programming : a surveyMcKay, Bob (Bob I.)Nguyen, Xuan HoaiWhigham, P. A. (Peter A.)Shan, YinO'Neill, Michael
Jul-2010Higher-order functions in aesthetic EC encodingsMcDermott, JamesByrne, JonathanSwafford, John MarkO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
Jul-2010Implementing an intuitive mutation operator for interactive evolutionary 3D designByrne, JonathanMcDermott, JamesGalván-López, EdgarO'Neill, Michael
2010Improving the generalisation ability of genetic programming with semantic similarity based crossoverNguyen, Quang UyNguyen, Thi HienNguyen, Xuan HoaiO'Neill, Michael
2010Interactive EC control of synthesized timbreMcDermott, JamesO'Neill, MichaelGriffith, Niall J. L.
Jul-2010Interactive interpolating crossover in grammatical evolutionMcDermott, JamesO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
Jul-2010Investigating mapping order in πGEFagan, DavidNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelGalván-López, EdgarBrabazon, AnthonyMcGarraghy, Sean
Dec-2009On the Evolution of Scale-Free Topologies with a Gene Regulatory Network ModelNicolau, MiguelSchoenauer, Marc
Sep-2010Open issues in genetic programmingO'Neill, MichaelVanneschi, LeonardoGustafson, StevenBanzhaf, Wolfgang
Jan-2009Recent patents on genetic programmingO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
28-May-2015Tonality driven piano compositions with Grammatical EvolutionLoughran, RóisínMcDermott, JamesO'Neill, Michael