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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Biotransformation of fluorobiphenyl by Cunninghamella elegansAmadio, JessicaMurphy, Cormac D.
19-Aug-2016Biotransformation of fluorophenyl pyridine carboxylic acids by the model fungus Cunninghamella elegansPalmer-Brown, WilliamDunne, BrianOrtin, YannickMurphy, Cormac al.
Sep-2010Biotransformation of flurbiprofen by Cunninghamella speciesAmadio, JessicaGordon, KatherineMurphy, Cormac D.
1-May-2016Evaluation of fluorinated biphenyl ether pro-drug scaffolds employing the chemical-microbial approachHampton, Alex S.Mikulski, LenaPalmer-Brown, WilliamMurphy, Cormac D.Sandford, Graham
Jul-2013Filamentous fungal biofilm for production of human drug metabolitesAmadio, JessicaCasey, EoinMurphy, Cormac D.
Jan-2014Microbial biotransformation of aryl sulfanylpentafluoridesKavanagh, EmmaWinn, MichaelNic Gabhann, ClionaO'Connor, Neil K.Beier, PetrMurphy, Cormac D.
Dec-2014Novel fluorinated lipopeptides from Bacillus sp. CS93 via precursor-directed biosynthesisO'Connor, Neil K.Hudson, Alex S.Cobb, Steven L.Murphy, Cormac al.
2009Precursor-directed biosynthesis of fluorinated iturin A in Bacillus spp.Moran, StephenRai, Dilip K.Clark, Benjamin R.Murphy, Cormac D.
Nov-2012Production of the Novel Lipopeptide Antibiotic Trifluorosurfactin via Precursor-Directed BiosynthesisO'Connor, Neil K.Rai, Dilip K.Clark, Benjamin R.Murphy, Cormac D.
Apr-2014Targeted Fluorination of a Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug to Prolong Metabolic Half-lifeShaughnessy, Maxwell J.Harsanyi, AntalLi, JingjiBright, Tara V.Murphy, Cormac D.Sandford, Graham