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Nov-2008Business Networks and Inward FDI PolicyMcCann, Fergal
Jan-2017Celtic phoenix or leprechaun economics? The politics of an FDI led growth model in EuropeRegan, AidanBrazys, Samuel
1998European trade and foreign direct investment u-shaping industrial output in Central and Eastern Europe : theory and evidenceRepkine, AlexanderWalsh, Patrick P.
Jul-2012Foreign Direct Investment and The Ease of Doing BusinessCorcoran, AdrianGillanders, Robert
May-2002Foreign direct investment and the single marketNeary, J. Peter
Mar-2001Foreign direct investment, agglomerations and demonstration effects : an empirical investigationBarry, FrankGörg, HolgerStrobl, Eric
Sep-2011How far away is an intangible? Services FDI and distanceDavies, Ronald B.Guillin, Amélie
Aug-2016The Impact of Taxes on the Extensive and Intensive Margins of FDIDavies, Ronald B.Siedschlag, IuliaStudnicka, Zuzanna
Jun-2017Local linkages: The interdependence of foreign and domestic firmsHynes, KateKwan, Yum K.Foley, Anthony
Nov-2015Location Decisions of Non-Bank Financial Foreign Direct Investment: Firm-Level Evidence from EuropeDavies, Ronald B.Killeen, Neill
19-Sep-2011Optimal tariffs with FDI : the evidenceBlonigen, Bruce A.Cole, Matthew T.
Dec-2006Playing away to win at homePavelin, Stephen
Feb-2003Product characteristics and the growth of FDIBarry, FrankHannan, Aoife
Aug-2002Strategic public housing and foreign direct investmentDascher, Kristof
15-Feb-2020The Structure of Multinational Firms' International ActivitiesDavies, Ronald B.Markusen, James R.
Aug-2005Trade costs and foreign direct investmentNeary, J. Peter
May-2000Trade, FDI, and congestion - the small and very open economyDascher, Kristof