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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An all-island approach to mapping bovine tuberculosis in IrelandMcGrath, GuyAbernethy, D.Stringer, al.
22-Oct-2015Analysing Performance Characteristics of Biomass Haulage in Ireland with GPS, GIS and Fuel Diagnostic ToolsSosa, AmandaMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
2011A comparison of open source geospatial technologies for web mappingBallatore, AndreaTahir, AliMcArdle, GavinBertolotto, Michela
Aug-2003Comparison of physically based catchment models for estimating Phosphorus lossesNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
28-Feb-2012A Cycle Route Planner Mobile-App for Dublin CityGavin, MauriceGhosh, BidishaPakrashi, Vikramet al.
Jun-2002Development of a GIS-independent herd contiguity identification applicationMcGrath, GuyWhite, Paul
2008Development of a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for Route Costing Calculations within the Irish Timber Haulage SectorDevlin, GerMcDonnell, KevinWard, Shane
Jun-2006Environmental noise prediction, noise mapping and GIS integration : the case of inner Dublin, IrelandMurphy, EndaRice, Henry J.Meskell, Craig
Feb-2009Estimating human exposure to transport noise in central Dublin, IrelandMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.Rice, Henry J.
Sep-2006Eutrophication from agricultural sources : a comparison of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN/GOPC phosphorus models for three Irish catchments - Final ReportNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
Sep-2006Eutrophication from agricultural sources : a comparison of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN/GOPC phosphorus models for three Irish catchments : executive summaryNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
Jul-1996Geographical Information System (GIS) technology applied to a spatial/time study of tuberculosis restricted reactor herds in a sample area in Co. CarlowHammond, Robert F.McGrath, Guy
Jun-2002Geographical Information System integration and utilisation of the foot and mouth disease dispersion modelMcGrath, GuyHammond, Robert F.Towey, Kieran
Sep-1999Identifying contiguous herds: a role for Geographical Information Systems (GIS)?McGrath, GuyO'Keeffe, James
2010An open-source web architecture for adaptive location-based servicesMcArdle, GavinBallatore, AndreaTahir, AliBertolotto, Michela
2007Performance Accuracy Of Low‐Cost Dynamic Non‐Differential GPS on Articulated TrucksDevlin, GerMcDonnell, KevinWard, Shane
Nov-2004Physically-based, distributed, catchment modelling for estimating sediment and phosphorus loads to rivers and lakes : issues of model complexity, spatial and temporal scales and data requirementsNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, MichaelJordan, PhillipMoles, RichardKiely, GerardByrne, Paul
9-Mar-2009Potential Bioethanol Feedstock Availability Around Nine Locations in the Republic of IrelandDeverell, RoryMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
Mar-2010RecoMap : an interactive and adaptive map-based recommenderBallatore, AndreaMcArdle, GavinKelly, CaitrionaBertolotto, Michela
2010Reflections on the science and art of using a GIS to locate a new national children's hospital in Ireland : comments on HoughtonMurphy, EndaKillen, James E.