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2014Children's rights and social justice: Case studies from Nicaragua as a resource for students and teachersShier, HarryCentre for Education in Health and Environment (CESESMA)
28-May-2018Computer science identity and sense of belonging: a case study in IrelandMooney, CatherineBecker, Brett A.Salmon, LanaMangina, Eleni
Dec-2014Economic Crisis and Gender equality: Ireland and the EUBarry, Ursula
19-Jun-2020Exploring Sense of Belonging in Computer Science StudentsMooney, CatherineAntoniadi, Anna MarkellaKarvelas, IoannisSalmon, LanaBecker, Brett A.
Aug-2017Gender equality and economic crisis: Ireland and EUBarry, Ursula
2015Gender Equality in Ireland 2015Barry, Ursula
Oct-2004Gender equality perspective on Ireland's National Employment Action Plan 2004Barry, UrsulaConlon, Catherine
21-Jun-2021Gender equality: Economic value of care from the perspective of the applicable EU funds: An exploration of an EU strategy towards valuing the care economyBarry, UrsulaJennings, Ciara
31-Mar-2018Gender, Austerity and Economic Crisis: A Perspective on EU and IrelandBarry, Ursula
1-Sep-2015Gender, Subjectivity and Lived Experience in Higher Education in Ireland, 1850-1910Harford, Judith
2010IntroductionHarford, JudithRush, Claire
20-Mar-2021Investigating the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Computing Students' Sense of BelongingMooney, CatherineBecker, Brett A.
Jun-2010Life-long learning and new skills in Ireland : a gender perspectiveBarry, Ursula
Sep-2006National expert assessment of the gender perspective in the National Report on Strategies for Social Protection and Social Inclusion 2006 – The Irish National ReportBarry, UrsulaConlon, CatherineMurphy, Sarah
20-Mar-2014Paving the way and passing the torch: mentors' motivation and experience of supporting women in optical engineeringKodate, NaonoriKodate, KashikoKodate, Takako
2016The Principal Route: Gender MattersCunneen, MaryHarford, Judith
Feb-2015Review of Ireland's Employment Policy from a Gender PerspectiveBarry, Ursula
4-Sep-2020Sense of Belonging: The Intersectionality of Self-Identified Minority Status and Gender in Undergraduate Computer Science StudentsMooney, CatherineBecker, Brett A.
7-Oct-2015Theorising welfare, fatherhood and the decline of patriarchy in JapanRush, Michael (Michael Anthony)