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May-2020Addressing Private Practice in Public HospitalsGuo, XidongParlane, Sarah
2020Bringing EU citizens together or pulling them apart? The European Health Insurance Card, east–west mobility, and the failed promise of European social integrationStan, SabinaErne, RolandGannon, Susan
Mar-2010A common awareness and knowledge platform for studying and enabling independent living – CAPSILBennis, CaoimheMcGrath, DeniseCaulfield, BrianKnapp, BenCoghlan, Niall
Dec-2015Empirically derived user attributes for the design of home healthcare technologiesBurrows, AlisonGooberman-Hill, RachaelCoyle, David
18-Aug-2020The Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic with 5G TechnologiesSiriwardhana, YushanDe Alwis, ChamithaGur, GurkanYlianttila, MikaLiyanage, Madhusanka
2018Healthcare Reforms and Fiscal Discipline in Europe: Responsibility or Responsiveness?Crespy, AmandineSzabó, Imre
23-May-2015Inductive Power Transfer for On-body Sensors. Defining a design space for safe, wirelessly powered on-body health sensorsWorgan, PaulClare, Lindsay R.Proynov, PlamenStark, Bernard H.Coyle, David
14-May-2015Influence of Exposure Guidelines on the Design of On-Body Inductive Power TransferClare, Lindsay R.Worgan, PaulStark, Bernard H.Salah-Eddine, AdamiCoyle, David
1-Jun-2016Is migration from Central and Eastern Europe an opportunity for trade unions to demand higher wages? Evidence from the Romanian health sectorStan, SabinaErne, Roland
27-Aug-2020National Clinical Review on the Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on Children and Guidance on Reopening of Schools and the Normalisation of Paediatric Healthcare Services in IrelandCrushell, EllenMurphy, J. (John)de Lacy, Jacqueline
Jul-2019The New Economic Governance in Health Care: A Labour PerspectiveStan, SabinaErne, Roland
19-Jun-2019A new methodology for analysing NEG prescriptions on healthcare. From counting CSRs to mapping semantic fieldsStan, SabinaErne, Roland
Nov-2012Non-Technical Skills (NTS) for enhancing patient safety: achievements and future directionsKodate, NaonoriRoss, AnthonyAnderson, Janet E.Flin, R.
Nov-2020Toward an Integrated European Healthcare Space?Stan, SabinaErne, Roland
Jul-2015Training in addiction medicine should be standardised and scaled upKlimas, Jan
Aug-2012Understanding institutional conversion: the case of the National Reporting and Learning SystemDodds, AnnelieseKodate, Naonori