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2015Collaboration through education? : transnational competence and trade unions' cross-border commitmentFöhrer, Bianca
1-Apr-2022Dalla crisi finanziaria alla pandemia di Covid-19: un lungo Semestre per i diritti dei lavoratoriMaccarrone, VincenzoErne, RolandGolden, Darragh
2012European industrial relations after the crisis: a postscriptErne, Roland
7-Sep-2019Is the European Semester Really Being Socialised? Rethinking the European Union's New Economic Governance Regime and Labour PoliticsJordan, JamieMaccarrone, VincenzoErne, Roland
Aug-2013Let's accept a smaller slice of a shrinking cake. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Irish public sector unions in crisisErne, Roland
13-Dec-2021Mobilising societal power: Understanding public support for nursing strikesNaughton, Mary
2019Policing MattersMolloy, Ciara
30-Apr-2011Report of Independent Review of Employment Regulation Orders and Registered Employment Agreement Wage Setting MechanismsDuffy, KevinWalsh, Frank
18-Dec-2020Social Movements or State Apparatus?Erne, Roland
6-Apr-2020There is little evidence the EU’s post-crisis economic governance regime has moved in a more ‘social’ directionJordan, JamieMaccarrone, VincenzoErne, Roland
Mar-2021Towards a Socialisation of the EU’s New Economic Governance Regime? EU labour policy interventions in Germany, Italy, Ireland and Romania (2009-2019)Jordan, JamieMaccarrone, VincenzoErne, Roland
Jun-2013Un patto Faustiano con il Neoliberismo? Ascesa e caduta dei patti sociali nella Repubblica d'IrlandaErne, RolandMaccarrone, Vincenzo
2011Workplace partnership and the balance of advantage : a critical case analysisGeary, JohnTrif, Aurora