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20-Jul-2015Asset Price Keynesianism, Regional Imbalances and the Irish and Spanish Housing Booms and BustsNorris, MichelleByrne, M. (Michael)
Jun-2000The behaviour of inflation and unemployment in the United StatesHogan, Vincent (Vincent Peter)
1-May-2019Central Bank Reforms and InstitutionsPeia, OanaRomelli, Davide
Aug-2021Central Banks and Inflation: Where Do We Stand and How Did We Get Here?Whelan, Karl
4-Mar-2008Conundrum or complication : a study of yield curve dynamics under unusual economic conditions and monetary policiesCripwell, PeterEdelman, David
2015DSGE model-based forecasting of modelled and nonmodelled inflation variables in South AfricaGupta, RanganKanda, Patrick T.Modise, Mampho P.Paccagnini, Alessia
23-Jul-2003Inflation targets, credibility, and persistence in a simple sticky-price frameworkWhelan, KarlRudd, Jeremy
Mar-2012The influence of macroeconomic conditions and institutional quality on national levels of life satisfactionWalsh, Brendan M.
Mar-2007Is macroeconomic uncertainty bad for macroeconomic performance? Evidence from five Asian countriesBredin, DonalFountas, Stilianos
Feb-2004Macroeconomic uncertainty and macroeconomic performance: are they related?Bredin, DonalFountas, Stilianos
2005Macroeconomic uncertainty and performance in the European Union and implications for the objectives of monetary policyBredin, DonalFountas, Stilianos
26-Jun-2001New tests of the New-Keynesian Phillips CurveWhelan, KarlRudd, Jeremy
Dec-1999Real wage dynamics and the Phillips CurveWhelan, Karl
Dec-2011Well-being and economic conditions in IrelandWalsh, Brendan M.