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13-Dec-2018ANNOTATE: orgANizing uNstructured cOntenTs viA Topic labElsAjwani, DeepakTaneva, BilyanaDutta, Souravet al.
22-Nov-2017Attrition from Web-Based Cognitive Testing: A Repeated Measures Comparison of Gamification TechniquesLumsden, JimSkinner, AndyCoyle, Davidet al.
2013Child Abuse Images and Cleanfeeds: Assessing Internet Blocking SystemsMcIntyre, T.J.
Dec-1998Corporate reporting on the internet by Irish companiesBrennan, NiamhHourigan, Denis
Oct-2009Demonstrating social search a la HeyStaksSmyth, BarryCoyle, MauriceBriggs, Peter
23-Aug-2000Inferring Relevance Feedback from Server Logs: A Case Study in Online RecruitmentRafter, RachaelSmyth, BarryBradley, Keith
Oct-2008Internet Filtering: Rhetoric, Legitimacy, Accountability and ResponsibilityMcIntyre, T.J.Scott, Colin
Nov-2011An investigation of innovation and knowledge creation in virtual worldsO Riordan, Niamh
Jul-2013Irreductionally Real Information Infrastructures: Practices beyond UniversalsHarvey, FrancisMiscione, Gianluca
31-Jul-2015Narrating the stories of leaked dataMiscione, GianlucaLandert, Daniela
14-May-2009Verification vanishing as data goes electronicKendlin, ValerieByrne, Ursula
2010Written information on bipolar affective disorder: the patients' perspectiveWhite, Daniel C.Schelten, Sofia LaureanoKelly, Brendan D.Casey, Patricia R.
26-Aug-2019Young People Seeking Help Online for Mental Health: Cross-Sectional Survey StudyPretorius, ClaudetteChambers, DerekCowan, Benjamin R.Coyle, David