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Feb-2015Are Cancer Survivors who are Eligible for Social Security More Likely to Retire than Healthy Workers? Evidence from Difference-in-DifferencesCandon, David
Oct-2011The economic case for equality in IrelandCantillon, SaraVasquez del Aguila, Ernesto
Mar-2015The Effect of Cancer on the Employment of Older Males: Attenuating Selection Bias using a High Risk SampleCandon, David
May-2014The effects of cancer in the English labour marketCandon, David
May-2014The Effects of Cancer in the English Labour MarketCandon, David
May-2008Gender segregation in the labour market : roots, implications and policy responses in IrelandBarry, UrsulaSherlock, Leslie
Jul-2015How did Immigrants fare in the Irish Labour Market over the Great Recession?Kelly, ElishMcGuinness, SeamusO'Connell, Philip al.
May-2016International Migration in Ireland, 2015O'Connell, Philip J.Joyce, CoronaWhelan, Susan
Jan-2010The labour market and LGBT discrimination in IrelandVasquez del Aguila, ErnestoCantillon, Sara
Sep-2010Migrants and racial minorities in the labour market in IrelandVasquez del Aguila, ErnestoCantillon, Sara
Jan-2011Older people and age discrimination in the Irish labour marketCantillon, SaraVasquez del Aguila, Ernesto
Oct-2010Short report on migrant women in Ireland (part B)Barry, Ursula
Oct-2017Whiteness and racism: Examining the racial order in IrelandJoseph, Ebun
Oct-2012Young People's Trajectories through Irish Housing Booms and Busts: headship, housing and labour market access among the under 30s since the late 1960sNorris, MichelleWinston, Nessa