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15-Nov-2010British Imperial Statutes and Irish Law: Statutes Passed Before the Creation of the Irish Free StateMohr, Thomas
8-Apr-2011British Imperial Statutes and Irish Sovereignty: Statutes Passed After the Creation of the Irish Free StateMohr, Thomas
2-Dec-2009Controlling Jury Composition in Nineteenth-Century IrelandHowlin, Niamh
Jun-2017Embedding the Family in the Irish ConstitutionMohr, Thomas
Aug-2010Fenians, Foreigners and Jury Trials in Ireland 1865-69Howlin, Niamh
7-Jul-2008Habeas Corpus and Military and Naval Impressment, 1756-1816Costello, Kevin
2014Irish Jurors: Passive Observers or Active Participants? Jurors in Civil and Criminal TrialsHowlin, Niamh
27-Nov-2017Land Valuations, Market Practices, Pregnancy, Insanity: There's a Jury for ThatHowlin, Niamh
2002Law without loyalty: The abolition of the Irish Appeal to the Privy CouncilMohr, Thomas
1-Dec-2018Legacies of a Broken United Kingdom: British Military Charities, the State and the Courts in Ireland, 1923–29Huddie, Paul
14-Nov-2017Maamtrasna: The Trial of Myles Joyce in 1882Howlin, Niamh
Jul-2013Nineteenth century criminal justice: uniquely Irish or simply not English?Howlin, Niamh
2015The Politics of Jury Trials in Nineteenth-Century IrelandHowlin, Niamh
Oct-2012The Privy Council appeal as a minority safeguard for the Protestant community of the Irish Free State, 1922-1935Mohr, Thomas
1-Dec-2006R. (Martin) v. Mahony: The History of a Classical Certiorari AuthorityCostello, Kevin
Aug-2011The Terror of Their Lives: Irish Jurors ExperiencesHowlin, Niamh
Jul-2012The writ of certiorari and review of summary criminal convictions, 1660-1848Costello, Kevin