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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2014Analysis of the Semi-synchronous Approach to Large-scale Parallel Community FindingDuriakova, ErikaHurley, Neil J.Ajwani, DeepakSala, Alessandra
Aug-2015Choosing the number of clusters in a finite mixture model using an exact integrated completed likelihood criterionBertoletti, MarcoFriel, NialRastelli, Riccardo
Jan-2016Clustering with the multivariate normal inverse Gaussian distributionO'Hagan, AdrianMurphy, Thomas BrendanGormley, Isobel Claireet al.
Oct-2014Exploring Tweet Engagement in the RecSys 2014 Data ChallengeWasilewski, JacekHurley, Neil J.
Oct-2014Formalization of SLAs for Cloud Forensic ReadinessDe Marco, LuciaFerrucci, FilomenaKechadi, Tahar
7-Mar-2018An interactive exercise biofeedback Android application utilizing a single inertial measurement unit to support joint replacement rehabilitationArgent, RobBevilacqua, AntonioDaly, AilishKechadi, TaharCaulfield, Brian
8-Jul-2016Machine Learning Techniques for Automatic Sensor Fault Detection in Airborne SHM NetworksMelia, ThomasCooke, AlanGrayson, Siobhán
28-Feb-2017Machine Learning Techniques for Automatic Sensor Fault Detection in HUMS SystemsMelia, ThomasCooke, AlanGrayson, Siobhán
Sep-2014Performance Evaluation of a Natural Language Processing approach applied in White Collar crime investigationvan Banerveld, MaartenLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
5-Jun-2015UCD : Diachronic Text Classification with Character, Word, and Syntactic N-gramsSzymanski, TerrenceLynch, Gerard
2017Use of Data Mining Techniques to Predict Short Term Adverse Events Occurrence in NB-UVB Phototherapy TreatmentsMohamed, SharifaHuang, BingquanKechadi, Tahar
10-Sep-2016Windows on Waverley: exploring the effect of variations in the construction of literary social networksWade, KarenGrayson, Siobhán