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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2006Analysis of Irish third-level college applications dataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
2014Bayesian Nonparametric Plackett-Luce Models for the Analysis of Preferences for College Degree ProgrammesCaron, FrançoisWhye Teh, YeeMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jan-2010Clustering ranked preference data using sociodemographic covariatesGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Sep-2008Exploring Voting Blocs Within the Irish Electorate: A Mixture Modeling ApproachGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Dec-2016Exponential family mixed membership models for soft clustering of multivariate dataWhite, ArthurMurphy, Thomas Brendan
May-2010A Mixture of Experts Latent Position Cluster Model for Social Network DataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Dec-2008A mixture of experts model for rank data with applications in election studiesGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Apr-2011Mixture of experts modelling with social science applicationsGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
21-Jun-2018Mixtures of Experts ModelsGormley, Isobel ClaireFrühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia
Jun-2016Model Based Clustering for Mixed Data: clustMDMcParland, DamienGormley, Isobel Claire
Mar-2010Model-based clustering of longitudinal dataMcNicholas, Paul D.Murphy, Thomas Brendan
1-Nov-2010Model-Based clustering of microarray expression data via latent Gaussian mixture modelsMcNicholas, Paul D.Murphy, Thomas Brendan
28-Dec-2017Variable Selection for Latent Class Analysis with Application to Low Back Pain DiagnosisFop, MichaelSmart, KeithMurphy, Thomas Brendan