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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2012Adaptation of Cross Entropy optimisation to a dynamic Bridge WIM calibration problemDowling, JasonO'Brien, Eugene J.González, Arturo
2015Advanced distribution network modelling with distributed energy resourcesO'Connell, Alison
May-2015The analysis of short signal segments and its application to Drive-by bridge inspectionO'Brien, Eugene J.Keenahan, Jennifer
15-Oct-2018An auction framework to integrate dynamic transmission expansion planning and pay-as-bid wind connection auctionsFarrell, NiallDevine, Mel T.Soroudi, Alireza
14-Jun-2016Classical Mechanics Optimization for image segmentationKhamoudj, Charaf eddineBenatchba, KarimaKechadi, Tahar
Oct-2012Controlled charging of electric vehicles in residential distribution networksO'Connell, AlisonFlynn, DamianRichardson, Peteret al.
1-May-2017Determination of longitudinal profile of railway track using vehicle-based inertial readingsO'Brien, Eugene J.Bowe, CathalQuirke, ParaicCantero, Daniel
17-Aug-2016Distribution Network Operation Under Uncertainty Using Information Gap Decision TheoryO'Connel, AlisonSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
22-Sep-2016A Forecasting Model for Data Centre Bandwidth UtilisationTalpur, Samar RazaKechadi, Tahar
26-May-2016Forensic Analysis of Ares Galaxy Peer-to-Peer NetworkKolenbrander, FrankLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
21-Jul-2016Intelligent Data Mining Techniques for Emergency Detection in Wireless Sensor NetworksSaoudi, MassinissaBounceur, AhcèneEuler, ReinhardtKechadi, Taharet al.
4-Aug-2017Investigation and Automating Extraction of Thumbnails Produced by Image viewersMeer, Wybren van derChoo, Kim-Kwang RaymondLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
8-Nov-2016Learning Sequential and Parallel Runtime Distributions for Randomized AlgorithmsArbelaez, AlejandroTruchet, CharlotteO'Sullivan, Barry
15-Aug-2016Life cycle assessment of biomass-to-energy systems in Ireland modelled with biomass supply chain optimisation based on greenhouse gas emission reductionMurphy, FionnualaSosa, AmandaMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
Aug-2012Optimal concentration and temperatures of solar thermal power plantsMcGovern, Ronan K.Smith, William
Jan-2008Optimised design of nested circular tube energy absorbers under lateral impact loadingOlabi, A. G.Morris, E.Hashmi, M. S. al.
4-Dec-2014Paediatric CT optimisation utilising Catphan® 600 and age-specific anthropomorphic phantomsSantos, JoanaCarmo Batista, Maria doFoley, Shane J.Rainford, Louise al.
29-Aug-2014Soil nailing optimisation: lost opportunities in current practiceLaefer, Debra F.McGroarty, ConorÓ Murchú, Oisín
25-Apr-2016Towards Automatic Service Level Agreements Information ExtractionDe Marco, LuciaFerucci, FilomenaKechadi, Taharet al.
28-Jun-2013Whole body oxygen uptake and evoked knee torque in response to low frequency electrical stimulation of the quadriceps muscles: V O2 frequency response to NMESMinogue, ConorCaulfield, BrianLowery, Madeleine M.