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26-Feb-2015A 1/f noise upconversion reduction technique applied to class-D and class-F oscillatorsShahmohammadi, MinaBabaie, MasoudStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
20-May-2012Analysis of Limit Cycles in a PI Digitally Controlled Buck ConverterBradley, MarkAlarcon, E.Feely, Orla
Jul-2012Bifurcation Scenarios in Electrostatic Vibration Energy HarvestersO'Riordan, EoghanHarte, PeterBlokhina, ElenaGalayko, DimitriFeely, Orla
24-Nov-2016Comparison of bus frequency estimators for power system transient stability analysisOrtega, AlvaroMilano, Federico
Aug-2010Control of MEMS vibration modes with Pulsed Digital Oscillators : Part I — theoryBlokhina, ElenaPons Nin, JoanRicart, JordiFeely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
Aug-2009Excitation of multiple spatial modes of a MEMS cantilever in the pulsed digital oscillatorBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
Jun-2018Generation of a Clocking Signal in Synchronized All-Digital PLL NetworksKoskin, EugeneGalayko, DimitriFeely, OrlaBlokhina, Elena
24-Oct-2012Limit on Converted Power in Resonant Electrostatic Vibration Energy HarvestersBlokhina, ElenaGalayko, DimitriHarte, PeterBasset, PhilippeFeely, Orla
25-Jul-2012Pulsed Digital Oscillators for Electrostatic MEMSFernandez, D.Jimenez, V.Madrenas, J.Gorreta, SergiBlokhina, ElenaPons Nin, JoanO'Connell, DiarmuidFeely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
31-May-2017Semianalytical model for high speed analysis of all-digital PLL clock-generating networksKoskin, EugeneGalayko, DimitriFeely, OrlaBlokhina, Elena
12-Jun-2015Toward Solving Multichannel RF-SoC Integration Issues Through Digital Fractional DivisionMehr, Seyed Amir Reza AhmadiTohidian, MassoudStaszewski, Robert Bogdan