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23-Jan-2016Analysis of Parkinsonian Surface Electomyography Through Advanced Signal Processing and Nonlinear MethodsFlood, Matthew W.Lowery, Madeleine M.
17-Jan-2015Analysis of Surface Electromyography in Parkinson's Disease Using Time Frequency and Recurrence Quantification MethodsFlood, Matthew W.Lowery, Madeleine M.
5-Nov-2019Beta-Band Resonance and Intrinsic Oscillations in a Biophysically Detailed Model of the Subthalamic Nucleus-Globus Pallidus NetworkKoelman, Lucas A.Lowery, Madeleine M.
27-Jul-2019Changes in Neuronal Entropy in a Network Model of the Cortico-Basal Ganglia during Deep Brain StimulationFleming, John E.Lowery, Madeleine M.
19-Mar-2014Effects of antidromic and orthodromic activation of STN afferent axons during DBS in Parkinson's disease: a simulation studyKang, GuiyeomLowery, Madeleine M.
26-Nov-2007Evidence that common variation in NEDD9 is associated with susceptibility to late-onset Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseaseLi, YonghongGrupe, AndrewRowland, CharlesHolmans, PeterSegurado, RicardoAbraham, RichardJones, LesleyCatanese, JosephRoss, DavidMayo, KevinMartinez, MaribelHollingworth, PaulGoate, AlisonCairns, Nigel J.Racette, Brad A.Perlmutter, Joel S.O'Donovan, Michael C.Morris, John C.Brayne, CarolRubinsztein, David C.Lovestone, SimonThal, Leon J.Owen, Michael J.Williams, Julie
17-Jan-2015Exploration of the Generation and Suppression of Pathological Oscillatory Neural Activity in a Model of Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinsons diseaseDavidson, ClareDe Paor, AnnraoiCagnan, HayriyeLowery, Madeleine M.
Sep-2015Multiple Frequencies in the Basal Ganglia in Parkinsons DiseaseDavidson, ClareDe Paor, AnnraoiLowery, Madeleine M.
27-Jul-2019A Thalamo-Cortex Microcircuit Model of Beta Oscillations in the Parkinsonian Motor CortexFarokhniaee, AmirAliLowery, Madeleine M.
20-May-2014Using the Root Locus Method to Analyze Pathological Oscillations in Neurological DiseasesDe Paor, AnnraoiDavidson, Claire M.Lowery, Madeleine M.