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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Both the edge and the centre: the politics of understanding music in middle English poetry - an interdisciplinary studyNangle, Sarah J.
2007A dialectical approach to information retrievalThornley, Clare V.Gibb, Forbes
2009Dilemmas in information science (IS) and information retrieval (IR): recurring challenges or new solutions?Thornley, Clare V.
1979Erewhon or Nowhere LandButtimer, Anne
2012Ethics and Economics : Friends or Foes?Casey, Gerard
Jun-2003Faith in search of understandingCasey, Gerard
1994Hunt v Anderson: Round 16Kavanagh, Donncha
1986Integration in geography: Hydra or Chimera?Buttimer, Anne
1986Life experience as catalyst for disciplinary communication - Adventures in Dialogue 1977-1985Buttimer, Anne
2009Meaning in philosophy and meaning in information retrieval (IR)Thornley, Clare V.Gibb, Forbes
Dec-2008Metaphysics, mathematics and metaphorCasey, Gerard
Jun-1992Minds and machinesCasey, Gerard
12-Jan-1990Mirrors, masks and diverse milieuxButtimer, Anne
1984Natural reason : A Study of the Notions of Inference, Assent, Intuition, and First Principles in the Philosophy of John Henry Cardinal NewmanCasey, Gerard
Mar-2004Ocularcentrism and its Others: A Framework for Metatheoretical AnalysisKavanagh, Donncha
6-Sep-2016Philosophy, psychiatry and avoiding 'real mischief': Review of Philosophy and Psychiatry: Problems, intersections, and new perspectives. Edited by Daniel D. Moseley and Gary J. Gala, Routledge 2015Daly, Anya
2018Przeglad Tomistyczny In Honour of Zenon KaluzaCalma, Dragos
Dec-2012Seeing ourselves as others see us: The place of reason in Adam Smith's theory of moral sentimentsCasey, Gerard
Mar-2008Twentieth Century Moral PhilosophyStout, Rowland
1974Values in GeographyButtimer, Anne