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18-Apr-2011Activation of hematite nanorod arrays for photoelectrochemical water splittingMorrish, RachelRahman, MahfujurMacElroy, J. M. DonWolden, Colin Andrew
7-Jul-2016Biocompatible Gold Nanoparticle Arrays Photodeposited on Periodically Proton Exchanged Lithium NiobateCarville, N. CraigNeumayer, Sabine M.Manzo, MicheleGallo, KatiaRodriguez, Brian J.
15-Jan-2020Continuous flow photochemistry for the preparation of bioactive moleculesDi Filippo, MaraBracken, CormacBaumann, Marcus
22-Oct-2020Continuous Flow Synthesis of Quinolines via a Scalable Tandem Photoisomerization-Cyclization ProcessDi Filippo, MaraBaumann, Marcus
2010Excited state behaviour of substituted dipyridophenazine Cr(III) complexes in the presence of nucleic acidsWojdyla, MichalSmith, Jayden A.Vasudevan, SuniQuinn, Susan J.Kelly, John M.
1-Oct-2015Monitoring guanine photo-oxidation by enantiomerically resolved Ru(II) dipyridophenazine complexes using inosine-substituted oligonucleotidesKeane, Páraic M.Poynton, Fergus E.Hall, James P.Quinn, Susan al.
2010Photoinduced ligand isomerisation in a pyrazine containing ruthenium polypyridyl complexHorn, SabineAhmed, Hamid M. YounisHughes, Helen P.Soman, SurajBrowne, Wesley R.Vos, Johannes G.
Nov-2010Photoinduced rearrangements in transition metal compoundsVos, Johannes G.Pryce, Mary T.
28-Aug-2012Photoreduction of SERS-active metallic nanostructures on chemically-patterned ferroelectric crystalsCraig Carville, N.Manzo, MicheleDamm, SigneCastiella, MarionCollins, LiamDenning, DeniseWeber, Stefan A. L.Gallo, KatiaRice, James H.Rodriguez, Brian J.