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Feb-2016Applications of piezoresponse force microscopy in materials research: from inorganic ferroelectrics to biopiezoelectrics and beyondDenning, DeniseGuyonnet, JillRodriguez, Brian J.
Aug-2005Electromechanical imaging of biological systems with sub-10 nm resolutionKalinin, S. V.Rodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, al.
Aug-2012Electromechanical properties of dried tendon and iso-electrically focused collagen hydrogelsDenning, DeniseAbu-Rub, M. T.Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.Habelitz, S.Pandit, A.Fertala, A.Rodriguez, Brian J.
5-Jun-2018Experimental Validation of Piezoelectric Energy-Harvesting Device for Built Infrastructure ApplicationsCahill, PaulMathewson, AlanPakrashi, Vikram
1-Feb-2019Giant negative electrostriction and dielectric tunability in a van der Waals layered ferroelectricNeumayer, Sabine M.Eliseev, Eugene A.Susner, Michael A.Rodriguez, Brian al.
13-Sep-2017Non-destructive determination of collagen fibril width in extruded collagen fibres by piezoresponse force microscopyBazaid, ArwaNeumayer, Sabine M.Sorushanova, AnnaGuyonnet, JillZeugolis, Dimitrios I.Rodriguez, Brian J.
Jan-2021Self-Assembly of Amyloid-Beta and Its Piezoelectric PropertiesRosales, IvonneSalazar, LauraLuna, DanielRodriguez, Brian al.
Dec-2012Visualizing molecular polar order in tissues via electromechanical couplingDenning, DeniseAlilat, SofianeHabelitz, S.Fertala, A.Rodriguez, Brian J.