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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2016Applications of piezoresponse force microscopy in materials research: from inorganic ferroelectrics to biopiezoelectrics and beyondDenning, DeniseGuyonnet, JillRodriguez, Brian J.
Jun-2007Controlling polarization dynamics in a liquid environment: from localized to macroscopic switching in ferroelectricsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Baddorf, A. al.
20-Nov-2018Decoupling Mesoscale Functional Response in PLZT across the Ferroelectric-Relaxor Phase Transition with Contact Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy and Machine LearningNeumayer, Sabine M.Collins, LiamVasudevan, RamaRodriguez, Brian al.
Feb-2010Direct evidence of mesoscopic dynamic heterogeneities at the surfaces of ergodic ferroelectric relaxorsKalinin, S. V.Rodriguez, Brian J.Budai, J. al.
Jan-2005Domain growth kinetics in lithium niobate single crystals studied by piezoresponse force microscopyRodriguez, Brian J.Nemanich, R. J.Kingon, A. al.
Jul-2012Dual harmonic Kelvin probe force microscopy for surface potential measurements of ferroelectricsCollins, LiamKilpatrick, J. I.Bhaskaran, M.Sriram, S.Weber, Stefan A. L.Jarvis, SuziRodriguez, Brian J.
Oct-2008Ferroelectric domain wall pinning at a bicrystal grain boundary in bismuth ferriteRodriguez, Brian J.Chu, Y. H.Ramesh, R.Kalinin, S. V.
Jun-2006High Resolution Electromechanical Imaging of Ferroelectric Materials in a Liquid Environment by Piezoresponse Force MicroscopyRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Baddorf, A. P.Kalinin, S. V.
18-Apr-2008Imaging mechanism of piezoresponse force microscopy in capacitor structuresKalinin, S. V.Rodriguez, Brian J.Kim, Seung-Hyunet al.
17-Jan-2020Investigation of AFM-based machining of ferroelectric thin films at the nanoscaleZhang, FengyuanEdwards, DavidDeng, XiongKilpatrick, J. I.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Jan-2005Investigation of the mechanism of polarization switching in ferroelectric capacitors by three- dimensional piezoresponse force microscopyRodriguez, Brian J.Gruverman, A.Kingon, A. al.
Jul-2003Mechanical stress effect on imprint behavior of integrated ferroelectric capacitorsGruverman, A.Rodriguez, Brian J.Kingon, A. al.
Sep-2002Nanoscale observation of photoinduced domain pinning and investigation of imprint behavior in ferroelectric thin filmsGruverman, A.Rodriguez, Brian J.Nemanich, R. J.Kingon, A. I.
22-Mar-2007Nanoscale polarization manipulation and imaging of ferroelectric Langmuir-Blodgett polymer filmsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Kalinin, S. al.
3-May-2017Piezoelectric Tensor of Collagen Fibrils Determined at the NanoscaleDenning, DeniseKilpatrick, J. I.Fukada, EiichiZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.Rodriguez, Brian al.
11-Aug-2014Piezoelectricity in collagen type II fibrils measured by scanning probe microscopyDenning, DeniseKilpatrick, J. I.Hsu, T.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Jun-2002Piezoresponse force microscopy for polarity imaging of GaNRodriguez, Brian J.Gruverman, A.Kingon, A. al.
May-2003Spatial inhomogeneity of imprint and switching behavior in ferroelectric capacitorsGruverman, A.Rodriguez, Brian J.Kingon, A. al.
31-Jul-2018Surface Chemistry Controls Anomalous Ferroelectric Behavior in Lithium NiobateNeumayer, Sabine M.Ievlev, Anton V.Collins, LiamRodriguez, Brian al.
Feb-2004Three-dimensional high-resolution reconstruction of polarization in ferroelectric capacitors by piezoresponse force microscopyRodriguez, Brian J.Gruverman, A.Kingon, A. al.