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Jan-2011Comparison between microwave and microwave plasma sintering of nickel powdersBreen, AidanTwomey, BarryByrne, GregDowling, Denis P.
24-Sep-2020Direct Plasma Deposition of Collagen on 96-Well Polystyrene Plates for Cell CultureO'Sullivan, DenisO'Neill, LiamBourke, Paula
15-Jan-2010Emission characteristics and dynamics of the stagnation layer in colliding laser produced plasmasHough, PádraigMcLoughlin, ConorHarilal, Sivanandan S.Mosnier, Jean-PaulCostello, John T.
2012Feasibility study of broad band efficient "water window" sourceHigashiguchi, TakeshiOtsuka, TakamitsuYugami, NoboruEndo, AkiraLi, BowenDunne, PadraigO'Sullivan, Gerry
5-Dec-2011Gd plasma source modeling at 6.7 nm for future lithographyLi, BowenDunne, PadraigHigashiguchi, TakeshiOtsuka, TakamitsuYugami, NoboruJiang, WeihuaEndo, AkiraO'Sullivan, Gerry
7-Sep-2011Ion emission in collisions between two laser-produced plasmasHough, PádraigHayden, PatrickFallon, ConorKelly, Thomas J.McLoughlin, ConorYeates, P.Mosnier, Jean-PaulKennedy, E.T.Harilal, Sivanandan S.Costello, John T.
2014Laser produced plasmas as a source of ions, protons and X-raysStefanuik, Robert
2012Optimizing conversion efficiency and reducing ion energy in a laser-produced Gd plasmaCummins, T. (Thomas)Otsuka, TakamitsuYugami, NoboruJiang, WeihuaEndo, AkiraLi, BowenO'Gorman, ColmDunne, PadraigSokell, EmmaO'Sullivan, GerryHigashiguchi, Takeshi
3-Nov-2017A Protocol for Improved Precision and Increased Confidence in Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Concentration Measurements between 50 and 120 nm in Biological FluidsParsons, Martin E.M.McParland, DamienSzklanna, Paulina BGuang, Matthew Ho ZhiO'Connell, KarenO’Connor, Hugh D.McGuigan, ChristopherNí Áinle, FionnualaMcCann, AmandaMaguire, Patricia B.
May-2012A review of the processing, composition and temperature-dependent mechanical and thermal properties of dielectric technical ceramicsde Faoite, DaithíBrowne, David J.Chang-Díaz, Franklin R.Stanton, Kenneth T.
7-Oct-2011Shorter-wavelength extreme-UV sources below 10nmHigashiguchi, TakeshiOtsuka, TakamitsuYugami, NoboruJiang, WeihuaEndo, AkiraDunne, PadraigLi, BowenO'Sullivan, Gerry
28-Feb-2011Spectral and temporal behavior of an alkali metal plasma extreme ultraviolet source for surface morphology applicationsHigashiguchi, TakeshiYamaguchi, MamiOtsuka, TakamitsuTerauchi, HiromitsuYugami, NoboruYatagai, ToyohikoD'Arcy, RebekahDunne, PadraigO'Sullivan, Gerry
2013Studies of extreme ultraviolet emission from laser produced plasmas, as sources for next generation lithographyCummins, T. (Thomas)
Dec-2010Systematic investigation of self-absorption property and conversion efficiency of 6.7-nm extreme ultraviolet sourcesOtsuka, TakamitsuWhite, JohnKilbane, DeirdreHigashiguchi, TakeshiYugami, NoboruYatagai, ToyohikoJiang, WeihuaEndo, AkiraDunne, PadraigO'Sullivan, Gerry
5-Apr-2016Thermo-structural modelling of a plasma discharge tube for electric propulsionde Faoite, DaithíBrowne, David J.Del Valle Gamboa, J. I.Stanton, Kenneth T.