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1987Abortion Trials and Tribulations / Pauline Jackson. The Politics of Abortion Ireland in Comparative Perspective / Vicky RandallJackson, PaulineRandall, Vicky
2016Both the edge and the centre: the politics of understanding music in middle English poetry - an interdisciplinary studyNangle, Sarah J.
2000The common good and the politics of communityHonohan, Iseult
Jan-2010Constitutions of no authority: Spoonerian reflectionsCasey, Gerard
Dec-2012Developmental Immigration in the Republic of Ireland and TaiwanFanning, Bryan
Feb-2009Edmund Burke's political poeticsO'Donnell, Katherine
Oct-2011Elite intent, public reaction and institutional changeTodd, Jennifer
2009A "new politics" of participation?Meehan, Elizabeth M.Mackay, Fiona
2004The Northern Ireland civic forum and a politics of recognitionPĂ„lshaugen, Lone Singstad
2005The philosophy and politics of equality of conditionBaker, John
2002The politics of women's representation in Northern Ireland and the Republic of IrelandGalligan, Yvonne
2013Practising leadership in newly multi-ethnic schools: tensions in the field?Devine, Dympna
6-Jul-2017Proceedings of the European Data and Computational Journalism ConferencePetricek, TomasHeravi, Bahareh R.Stark, Jennifer al.
2006The realms of practical politics : North-South co-operation on the Erne Hydro-Electric Scheme 1942-57Kennedy, Michael
2002Scottish Devolution: A Slippery Path towards Consensus Democracy?Kodate, Naonori
2015Self-interest or the greater good: How political and rational dynamics influence the outsourcing processMarshall, DonnaAmbrose, EamonnMcIvor, RonanLamming, Richard
Mar-2010Symbolic complexity and political division : the changing role of religion in Northern IrelandTodd, Jennifer
9-Jun-2018Uncovering gender bias in newspaper coverage of Irish politicians using machine learningLeavy, Susan