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21-Apr-2017A 2.0–2.5 GHz frequency-selectable oscillator for digital predistortion model identification of RF power amplifiersMcGrath, KevinZhu, Anding
2019Broadband Fully Integrated GaN Power Amplifier With Embedded Minimum Inductor Bandpass Filter and AM-PM CompensationNikandish, GholamrezaStaszewski, Robert BogdanZhu, Anding
27-May-2016A channelized sideband distortion model for suppressing unwanted emission of Q-band millimeter wave transmittersYu, ChaoSun, HongleiZhu, Xiao-WeiZhu, Anding
10-Jun-2011Class-J RF power amplifier with wideband harmonic suppressionTuffy, NealZhu, AndingBrazil, Thomas J.
Mar-2021Data-Clustering-Assisted Digital Predistortion for 5G Millimeter-Wave Beamforming Transmitters With Multiple Dynamic ConfigurationsYin, HangYu, ZhiqiangYu, ChaoZhu, Andinget al.
18-Jan-2017Forward modeling assisted 1-Bit data acquisition based model extraction for digital predistortion of RF power amplifiersWang, HaoyuLi, GangZhang, YikangLiu, FalinZhu, Anding
Jan-2021A Fully Integrated GaN Dual-Channel Power Amplifier With Crosstalk Suppression for 5G Massive MIMO TransmittersNikandish, GholamrezaStaszewski, Robert BogdanZhu, Anding
May-2016Low Complexity Stochastic Optimization-Based Model Extraction for Digital Predistortion of RF Power AmplifiersKelly, NoelZhu, Anding
Apr-2010Low-Cost FPGA Implementation of Volterra Series-Based Digital Predistorter for RF Power AmplifiersGuan, LeiZhu, Anding
23-Jan-2017A Modified Decomposed Vector Rotation-Based Behavioral Model With Efficient Hardware Implementation for Digital Predistortion of RF Power AmplifiersCao, WenhuiZhu, Anding
Mar-2012Optimized Low-Complexity Implementation of Least Squares-Based Model Extraction for Digital Predistortion of RF Power AmplifiersGuan, LeiZhu, Anding
22-May-2019Real-Time Single Channel Over-the-Air Data Acquisition for Digital Predistortion of 5G Massive MIMO Wireless TransmittersWang, XiaoyuYu, ChaoLi, YueHong, WeiZhu, Anding
9-Dec-2015Simplified online coefficients updating for digital predistortion of wideband/multi-band RF power amplifiersGuo, YanYu, ChaoZhu, Anding
19-May-2015A wideband 60 GHz class-E/F2 power amplifier in 40nm CMOSBabaie, MasoudStaszewski, Robert Bogdan