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Nov-2015Capacitive Energy Conversion with Circuits Implementing a Rectangular Charge-Voltage Cycle Part 1: Analysis of the Electrical DomainGalayko, DimitriDudka, AndreyKarami, ArmineO'Riordan, EoghanBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaBasset, Philippe
19-Nov-1993Decentralized Optimal Power Pricing: The Development of a Parallel ProgramLumetta, S.Murphy, Liam, B.E.Li, al.
Jul-2010Evolution of operating reserve determination in wind power integration studiesEla, ErikKirby, BrendanLannoye, EamonnMilligan, Michael R.Flynn, DamianZavadil, BobO'Malley, Mark
13-Nov-2014Flexible storage operation in a market environmentO'Dwyer, CiaraFlynn, Damian
Jul-2010Integration of variable generation : capacity value and evaluation of flexibilityLannoye, EamonnMilligan, Michael R.Adams, JohnTuohy, AidanChandler, HugoFlynn, DamianO'Malley, Mark
Mar-2009The Irish “all island grid study” - methodological approach and outcomesNabe, ChristianO'Malley, MarkBömer, J.Broad, D.
Jan-2012Quantifying the long-term power system benefits of electric vehiclesShortt, AonghusO'Malley, Mark
6-Jun-2016Technical impacts of high penetration levels of wind power on power system stabilityFlynn, DamianRather, Zakir H.Ardal, al.
Jul-2008Ultra high wind energy penetration in an isolated marketTwohig, SonyaBurges, KarstenNabe, ChristianCrowe, AoifePolaski, KatrinaO'Malley, Mark