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26-Feb-2010Estrogen increases expression of the human prostacyclin receptor within the vasculature through an ERα-dependent mechanismTurner, Elizebeth C.Kinsella, B. Therese
Apr-2011Identification of a novel endoplasmic reticulum export motif within the eighth alpha-helical domain (alpha-H8) of the human prostacyclin receptorDonnellan, Peter D.Kimbembe, Cisca C.Reid, Helen M.Kinsella, B. Therese
Oct-2012Interaction of the Human Prostacyclin Receptor and the NHERF4 Family member Intestinal and Kidney Enriched PDZ Protein (IKEPP)Reid, Helen M.Turner, Elizebeth C.Mulvaney, Eamon P.Hyland, Paula B.McLean, CaitrionaKinsella, B. Therese
8-Jun-2011Interaction of the human prostacyclin receptor with the PDZ adapter protein PDZK : role in endothelial cell migration and angiogenesisTurner, Elizebeth C.Mulvaney, Eamon P.Reid, Helen M.Kinsella, B. Therese
Sep-2015Prostacyclin receptors: Transcriptional regulation and novel signalling mechanismsReid, Helen M.Kinsella, B. Therese
Oct-2016Regulated expression of the prostacyclin receptor (IP) gene by androgens within the vasculature: Combined role for androgens and serum cholesterolEivers, Sarah B.Kinsella, B. Therese
May-2012Regulation of the human prostacyclin receptor gene in megakaryocytes : major roles for C/EBPδ and PU.1Keating, Garret L.Turner, Elizebeth C.Kinsella, B. Therese
27-Feb-2009Transcriptional regulation of the human prostacyclin receptor gene is dependent on Sp1, PU.1 and Oct-1 in megakaryocytes and endothelial cellsTurner, Elizebeth C.Kinsella, B. Therese