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Apr-2019Correcting for Transitory Effects in RCTs: Application to the RAND Health Insurance ExperimentDevereux, KevinBalesh Abadi, MonaOmran, Farah
11-Dec-2019Digital assessment of falls risk, frailty, and mobility impairment using wearable sensorsGreene, Barry R.McManus, KillianRedmond, StephenCaulfield, BrianQuinn, Charlene C.
19-Jul-2013Green Walls for Clean AirGölsdorf, KatrinMüller, HansCollier, Marcus
Jan-2013Mapping for sustainability: environmental noise and the cityMurphy, EndaKing, Eoin A.
30-Nov-2018Moving from risk communication to food information communication and consumer engagementWall, Patrick G.Chen, Junshi
28-Jun-2021Presymptomatic transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection: a secondary analysis using published dataCasey, MiriamGriffin, John M.McAloon, Conor G.Byrne, Andrew W.Madden, Jamie M.McEvoy, DavidCollins, Áine B.Hunt, KevinBarber, AnnButler, FrancisLane, ElizabethO'Brien, KirstyWall, Patrick G.Walsh, KieranMore, Simon John
20-Sep-2018Radiation Protection No. 185 European Guidelines on Diagnostic Reference Levels for Paediatric ImagingBosmans, HildeDamilakis, JohnDucou le Pointe, HubertFoley, Shane al.
18-Oct-2021A rapid systematic review of measures to protect older people in long-term care facilities from COVID-19Frazer, KathleenMitchell, LachlanStokes, DiarmuidLacey, EllaCrowley, EibhlinKelleher, Cecily
28-Aug-2020Training needs, access to and contextual factors of addiction education in Europe: Towards a research agendaKlimas, JanCullen, Walter
29-Aug-2018Transportation noise and public health outcomes: biological markers and pathologiesFaulkner, JonMurphy, Enda