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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2007Between the devil and the deep blue sea : nationality, power and symbolic trade-offs among evangelical Protestants in contemporary Northern IrelandMitchell, ClaireTodd, Jennifer
2003Beyond the Catholic-Protestant divide : religious and ethnic diversity in the North and South of IrelandFeldman, Alice
2007Catholic Identity in Contemporary Ireland: Belief and Belonging to TraditionInglis, Tom
May-2003Catholicism in Northern Ireland and the process of conflictMitchell, Claire
Aug-2012Discrimination on the ground of religion or belief in IrelandVasquez del Aguila, ErnestoCantillon, Sara
Oct-1994Education, religion and the 'first destinations' of recent school-leavers in Northern IrelandMurphy, AnthonyShuttleworth, Ian
12-Oct-2010Ethnicity and ReligionTodd, JenniferRuane, Joseph
Mar-2010Ethnicity and religion : redefining the research agendaTodd, JenniferRuane, Joseph
10-Mar-2010Ethnicity, religion and peoplehood: Protestants in France and in IrelandRuane, Joseph
2009Everyday Evangelicals : life in a religious subculture after the Belfast AgreementGaniel, GladysMitchell, Claire
13-Jun-2019Exploring the relationship between lay theories of gender and attitudes to abortion in the context of a national referendum on abortion policyO'Connor, CliodhnaMaher, Paul J.Kadianaki, Irini
Jun-2003Faith in search of understandingCasey, Gerard
2-Mar-2017Faith of Our Fathers - lesbian, gay and bisexual teachers' attitudes towards the teaching of religion in Irish denominational primary schoolsFahie, Declan
Aug-2019Fifty Years a-Growing: Economic History and Demography in the ESRÓ Gráda, Cormac
May-2013I'm spiritual but not religious : Implications for research and practiceCasey, Patricia R.
2003Is religion in Northern Ireland politically significant?Mitchell, Claire
2016A Metaphysical History of Minoan ReligionPeatfield, Alan A.D.
Feb-2007The nature of meaning of identity in Northern Ireland after the Belfast Good Friday AgreementMuldoon, OrlaTrew, Karen J.Todd, JenniferRougier, NathalieMcLaughlin, Katrina
2009No exit? Opting out of religious and ethnic group identities in Northern IrelandTempler, SaraMitchell, ClaireGaniel, Gladys
2009A political profile of Protestant minorities in EuropeCoakley, John