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16-Dec-2013Efficient Electronic Communication of Two Ruthenium Centers through a Rigid Ditopic N-Heterocyclic Carbene LinkerNussbaum, MichaelSchuster, OliverAlbrecht, Martin
5-Feb-2015Enantiomeric conformation controls rate and yield of photoinduced electron transfer in DNA sensitized by Ru(II) dipyridophenazine complexesKeane, Páraic M.Poynton, Fergus E.Hall, James P.Quinn, Susan al.
Feb-2010Excited state localization and internuclear interactions in asymmetric Ruthenium (II) and Osmium (II) bpy/tpy based dinuclear compoundsHalpin, YvonneDini, DaniloAhmed, Hamid M. YounisCassidy, LyndaBrowne, Wesley R.Vos, Johannes G.
1-Aug-2017Inosine Can Increase DNA′s Susceptibility to Photo‐oxidation by a RuII Complex due to Structural Change in the Minor GrooveKeane, Páraic M.Hall, James P.Poynton, Fergus E.Quinn, Susan al.
1-Oct-2015Monitoring guanine photo-oxidation by enantiomerically resolved Ru(II) dipyridophenazine complexes using inosine-substituted oligonucleotidesKeane, Páraic M.Poynton, Fergus E.Hall, James P.Quinn, Susan al.
1-Jun-2015Novel Carbene-Metal Complexes as Anticancer Drugs and Antibiotics - Potential and LimitationsTacke, Matthias
2010Photoinduced ligand isomerisation in a pyrazine containing ruthenium polypyridyl complexHorn, SabineAhmed, Hamid M. YounisHughes, Helen P.Soman, SurajBrowne, Wesley R.Vos, Johannes G.
13-Jul-2015Reversal of a Single Base-Pair Step Controls Guanine Photo-Oxidation by an Intercalating Ruthenium(II) Dipyridophenazine ComplexKeane, Páraic M.Poynton, Fergus E.Hall, James P.Quinn, Susan J.
2010[Ru(bpy)3]2+ analogues containing a N-heterocyclic carbene ligandGhattas, WadihMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martin
7-Jan-2019Spectro-electrochemical Studies on [Ru(TAP)2 (dppz)]2+ - Insights into the Mechanism of its Photosensitized Oxidation of OligonucleotidesKeane, Páraic M.Tory, JoanneTowrie, MichaelQuinn, Susan J.
2009Spectroelectrochemical properties of homo- and heteroleptic ruthenium and osmium binuclear complexes : intercomponent communication as a function of energy differences between HOMO levels of bridge and metal centresHalpin, YvonneCleary, LauraCassidy, LyndaHorn, SabineDini, DaniloBrowne, Wesley R.Vos, Johannes G.
5-Feb-2014Towards the design of novel boron- and nitrogen-substituted ammonia-borane and bifunctional arene ruthenium catalysts for hydrogen storageBandaru, SateeshEnglish, Niall J.Phillips, Andrew D.MacElroy, J. M. Don
Jun-2011Transfer Hydrogenation of Ketones and Activated Olefins Using Chelating NHC Ruthenium ComplexesHorn, SabineGandolfi, ClaudioAlbrecht, Martin
16-Jun-2011Tunable single-site ruthenium catalysts for efficient water oxidationBernet, LucilleLalrempuia, RalteGhattas, WadihMüller-Bunz, HelgeVigara, LauraLlobet, AntoniAlbrecht, Martin