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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014The categories of Modern Irish verbal inflectionAcquaviva, Paolo
12-Jul-2011Examining the landscape of semantic similarity based mutationNguyen, Quang Uy; Nguyen, Xuan Hoai; O'Neill, Michael
Nov-2006Goidelic inherent plurals and the morphosemantics of numberAcquaviva, Paolo
2010Improving the generalisation ability of genetic programming with semantic similarity based crossoverNguyen, Quang Uy; Nguyen, Thi Hien; Nguyen, Xuan Hoai; O'Neill, Michael
6-Nov-2015Inferring Semantics from Geometry - the Case of Street NetworksCorcoran, Padraig; Jilani, Musfira; Mooney, Peter; Bertolotto, Michela
14-Oct-2011Semantic-based subtree crossover applied to dynamic problemsNguyen, Quang Uy; Murphy, Eoin; O'Neill, Michael; Nguyen, Xuan Hoai
Jun-2011Semantically-based crossover in genetic programming : application to real-valued symbolic regressionNguyen, Quang Uy; Nguyen, Xuan Hoai; O'Neill, Michael; McKay, Bob (Bob I.); Galván-López, Edgar