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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2015Challenging Perceptions: Why Victims Often Want to Meet their Offender in the Aftermath of Sexual CrimeKeenan, Marie
2017Criminal Justice, Restorative Justice, Sexual Violence and the Rule of LawKeenan, Marie
24-Feb-2017Criminal justice, restorative justice, sexual violence and the rule of lawKeenan, Marie
May-2015Doing restorative justice in cases of sexual violence: A practice guideMercer, VinceSten Madesen, KarenKeenan, MarieZinsstag, Estelle
14-Nov-2020Is there a Role for Restorative Justice after Sexual Crime?Keenan, Marie
7-Dec-2020Kas taastavale ├Áigusele on kohta, kui seksuaalne kuritarvitamine toimub perekonnas?Keenan, Marie
3-Dec-2014Our justice system is failing rape and sex assault victimsKeenan, Marie
Jun-2018Researching 'under the radar' practices: exploring restorative practices in sexual violence casesKeenan, MarieZinsstag, EstelleO'Nolan, Caroline
22-Mar-2017Response: Responding to Sexual Violence- Is there a Role for Restorative Justice?Keenan, Marie
13-Apr-2018Restorative Justice after Sexual ViolenceKeenan, Marie
15-Apr-2021Restorative Justice after Sexual Violence: An International PerspectiveKeenan, MarieGriffith, Ailbhe
Nov-2013Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence: Ireland joins the International DebateKeenan, MarieJoyce-Wojtas, Niamh
18-Nov-2020Restorative Justice in Complex Cases: Sexual ViolenceKeenan, Marie
Oct-2013Restorative Justice, Sexual VIolence and the Criminal Justice SystemKeenan, MarieJoyce-Wojtas, Niamh
24-Feb-2017Restorative responses to sexual violence: an introductionZinsstag, EstelleKeenan, Marie
13-Oct-2016Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence: Challenging PerceptionsKeenan, Marie
14-Nov-2014Sexual Trauma and Abuse, Restorative and Transformative PossibilitiesKeenan, Marie
1-Dec-2014Sexual Trauma and Abuse: Restorative and Transformative Possibilities?Keenan, Marie
Mar-2016Sexual violence and restorative practices in Belgium, Ireland and Norway: a thematic analysis of country variationsKeenan, MarieZinsstag, EstelleO'Nolan, Caroline
1-May-2021Survivors Voices: Survivors Views on Restorative Justice