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18-Jul-2012Content on demand for fourth year advanced materials and manufacturing studentsBrabazon, DermotDonovan, LyndaEgan, AndrewO'Mahony, Michael P.Melia, MarkSmyth, Barry
Oct-2009Demonstrating social search a la HeyStaksSmyth, BarryCoyle, MauriceBriggs, Peter
3-Sep-2012Exploiting Extended Search Sessions for Recommending Search Experiences in the Social WebSaaya, ZurinaSchaal, MarkusCoyle, MauriceBriggs, PeterSmyth, Barry
9-Oct-2011Models of web page reputation in social searchMcNally, KevinO'Mahony, Michael P.Smyth, Barry
11-Jul-2011Recognising and recommending context in social web searchSaaya, ZurinaSmyth, BarryCoyle, MauriceBriggs, Peter
28-Jun-2011Recognising and Recommending Context in Social Web SearchSaaya, ZurinaSmyth, BarryCoyle, MauriceBriggs, Peter
15-Sep-2011Recommending case bases : applications in social web searchSaaya, ZurinaSmyth, BarryCoyle, MauriceBriggs, Peter
31-Aug-2011Recommending search experiencesSaaya, ZurinaSmyth, BarryCoyle, MauriceBriggs, Peter
14-Sep-2012Supporting Problem-based Learning in Moodle using Personalised, Context- specific Learning Episode GenerationBrabazon, DermotDonovan, LyndaMelia, MarkO'Mahony, Michael P.Egan, AndrewSmyth, Barry
2009Visual interfaces for improved mobile searchChurch, KarenSmyth, BarryOliver, Nuria