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4-Jul-2007Accuracy of Spread Spectrum Techniques for Ultrasonic Indoor LocationGonzalez-Hernandez, JuanBleakley, Chris J.
12-Dec-2019Are we getting our wires crossed? Transposition of the great arteriesDoohan, KatieGallagher, GeraldineMoran, Mary
Jan-2017Catechin-based extract optimization obtained from Arbutus unedo L. fruits using maceration/microwave/ultrasound extraction techniquesAlbuquerque, Bianca R.Prieto Lage, Miguel ÁngelBarreiro, Maria FilomenaCurran, Thomas al.
Jun-2014The effects of selected non-thermal interventions on various aspects of the hydrolysis of sodium caseinate by Protamex®Holton, Mairead
2017Giant cell arteritis: diagnostic tools, treatment targets, and pathogenic pathwaysConway, Richard
21-Oct-2009High-precision robust broadband ultrasonic location and orientation estimationGonzalez-Hernandez, JuanBleakley, Chris J.
12-Dec-2019Looking though the keyhole at MegacystisChaney Cahill, MariaWogan, PatriciaMoran, Mary
16-Oct-2019Reference ranges for fetal volumes in the late first trimester, obtained using 9-degree rotational stepsDurkan, J. M.Segurado, RicardoKelleher, M.Kennelly, Mairead M.Moran, MaryStuart, Bernard
2010Role of the different imaging modalities in the diagnosis and staging of equine navicular syndrome. A reviewD'Helft, CatherineBrennan, PatrickDavis, Michaela
11-Dec-2015Sonographic soft markers in the second trimester: Subtle indicators or significant findings?Mc Carthy, K.Gallagher, G.Moran, Mary
28-Aug-2008Ultrasonic Orientation-Location Algorithm based on ToA and AoA MeasurementsGonzalez-Hernandez, JuanBleakley, Chris J.