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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Application of Clustering Techniquesfor Pre-Processing Spatio-Temporal DataWhelan, Michael
11-Dec-2011Deriving insights from national happiness indicesBrew, AnthonyGreene, DerekArchambault, DanielCunningham, Pádraig
3-Sep-2020Geospatial Visualisation Techniques for Transmission System Needs Identification: A Case Study with High Shares of Distributed Energy ResourcesDaly, PádraigKelliher, JeffCuffe, Paul
13-Apr-2018Knowing the Unknown: Visualising Consumption Blind-Spots in Recommender SystemsTintarev, NavaRostami, ShahinSmyth, Barry
Apr-2011The scholarly impact of TRECVid (2003-2009)Thornley, Clare V.Johnson, Andrea C.Smeaton, Alan F.Lee, Hyowon
25-Apr-2014Size Does Not Matter: Evolving Parameters for a Cayley Graph Visualiser Using 64 BitsNicolau, MiguelCostelloe, Dan
Sep-2011Tracer spectrum : a visualisation method for distributed evolutionary computationO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, AnthonyHemberg, Erik
Sep-1997Visualisation of the temporal and spacial patterns of tuberculin reactor disclosure in the district electoral divisions within and surrounding the East Offaly badger research project 1988 – 1995Hammond, Robert F.
Jun-2015Visualisation of urban airborne laser scanning data with occlusion imagesHinks, TommyCarr, HamishGharibi, HamidLaefer, Debra F.
Jul-2010Visualization for the masses : learning from the expertsFreyne, JillSmyth, Barry