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Apr-2011Adaptive post-processing of short-term wind forecasts for energy applicationsSweeney, ConorLynch, Peter
24-Jul-2011Aspects of wind energy characteristics in transmission related optimisation models : invited panel discussion paperBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
21-Aug-2014Combining Wind and Pumped Hydro Energy Storage for Renewable Energy Generation in IrelandCoburn, AliceWalsh, EilínSolan, Patrick J.McDonnell, Kevin
2015Contending Expertise: An Interpretive Approach to (Re)conceiving Wind Power's 'Planning Problem'Lennon, MickScott, Mark J.
Sep-2017Efficient large-scale energy storage dispatch: challenges in future high renewables systemsO'Dwyer, CiaraRyan, L. (Lisa B.)Flynn, Damian
Apr-2011Factors influencing wind energy curtailmentBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Jul-2009Impact of pumped storage on power systems with increasing wind penetrationTuohy, AidanO'Malley, Mark
Mar-2009The Irish “all island grid study” - methodological approach and outcomesNabe, ChristianO'Malley, MarkBömer, J.Broad, D.
May-2010Maximizing firm wind connection to security constrained transmission networksBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Mar-2009Optimal firm wind capacity allocation to power systems with security constraintsBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
25-May-2009Optimal wind power location on transmission systems - a probabilistic load flow approachBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Aug-2012Possibilistic-scenario Model for DG Impact Assessment on Distribution Networks in an Uncertain EnvironmentSoroudi, Alireza
Apr-2011Pumped storage in systems with very high wind penetrationTuohy, AidanO'Malley, Mark
Jan-2013Regional integration of renewable energy systems in Ireland - The role of hybrid energy systems for small communitiesGoodbody, CraigWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, KevinOwende, Philip
Oct-2009A small - signal stability analysis of DFIG wind generationVittal, EknathO'Malley, MarkKeane, Andrew
Apr-2011A study of optimal non-firm wind capacity connection to congested transmission systemsBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Nov-2011A study of principal component analysis applied to spatially distributed wind powerBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Jul-2009Transmission connected wind curtailment with increasing wind capacity connectionBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Jul-2008Ultra high wind energy penetration in an isolated marketTwohig, SonyaBurges, KarstenNabe, ChristianCrowe, AoifePolaski, KatrinaO'Malley, Mark
Jul-2015Using energy storage to manage high net load variability at sub-hourly timescalesO'Dwyer, CiaraFlynn, Damian