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Jun-2017A 34-year simulation of wind generation potential for Ireland and the impact of large-scale atmospheric pressure patternsCradden, Lucy C.McDermott, FrankZubiate, LauraSweeney, ConorO'Malley, Mark
May-2011Capacity value of wind powerKeane, AndrewMilligan, Michael R.Dent, ChrisHasche, BernhardD'Annunzio, ClaudineDragoon, KenHolttinen, HanneleSamaan, NaderSöder, LennartO'Malley, Mark
Feb-2011Capacity value of wind power, calculation, and data requirements : the Irish power system caseHasche, BernhardKeane, AndrewO'Malley, Mark
Jul-2008Current methods to calculate capacity credit of wind power, IEA collaborationEnsslin, CornelMilligan, Michael R.Holttinen, HanneleO'Malley, MarkKeane, Andrew
May-2011Demand side resource operation on the Irish power system with high wind power penetrationKeane, AndrewTuohy, AidanMeibom, PeterDenny, EleanorFlynn, DamianMullane, AlanO'Malley, Mark
2016Distribution networks' energy losses versus hosting capacity of wind power in the presence of demand flexibilitySoroudi, AlirezaRabiee, AbbasKeane, Andrew
15-Oct-2014Emissions from cycling of thermal power plants in electricity systems with high penetration of wind power: Life cycle assessment for IrelandTurconi, R.O'Dwyer, CiaraFlynn, DamianAstrup, T.
Oct-2009Evaluating which forms of flexibility most effectively reduce base load cycling at large wind penetrationsTroy, NiamhDenny, EleanorO'Malley, Mark
Oct-2012Experience and Challenges With Short-Term Balancing in European Systems With Large Share of Wind PowerSöder, LennartAbildgaard, HansEstanqueiro, Anaet al.
24-Jul-2011Impact of wind power on the unit commitment, operating reserves, and market designKiviluoma, JuhaO'Malley, MarkTuohy, AidanMeibom, PeterMilligan, Michael R.Lange, BernardHolttinen, HanneleGibescu, Madeleine
May-2008Impacts of large amounts of wind power on design and operation of power systems, results of IEA collaborationHolttinen, HanneleMeibom, PeterOrths, AntjeO'Malley, MarkUmmels, BarthTande, John OlavEstanqueiro, AnaGomez, EmilioSmith, J. CharlesEla, Erik
2-Sep-2012Load inertia estimation using white and grey-box estimators for power systems with high wind penetrationBank Tavakoli, M. RezaPower, MichaelRuttledge, LisaFlynn, Damian
Jun-2009New tool for integration of wind power forecasting into power system operationGubina, Andrej F.Keane, AndrewMeibom, PeterO'Sullivan, JonathanGoulding, OisinMcCartan, TomO'Malley, Mark
24-Oct-2013Pumped Hydro and Compressed Air Energy Storage at High Wind PenetrationsO'Dwyer, CiaraFlynn, Damian
Oct-2015Risk-Averse Preventive Voltage Control of AC/DC Power Systems Including Wind Power GenerationRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew
Feb-2014Stochastic Multiperiod OPF Model of Power Systems With HVDC-Connected Intermittent Wind Power GenerationRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, Alireza
Aug-2011Stochastic Optimization Model to Study the Operational Impacts of High Wind Penetrations in IrelandMeibom, PeterBarth, RudigerHasche, Bernhardet al.
6-Jun-2016Technical impacts of high penetration levels of wind power on power system stabilityFlynn, DamianRather, Zakir H.Ardal, al.