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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015Assessing Power System Flexibility for Variable Renewable Integration: A Flexibility Metric for Long-Term System PlanningLannoye, EamonnDaly, PádraigTuohy, AidanFlynn, DamianO'Malley, Mark
Jul-2012Assessment of power system flexibility: A high-level approachLannoye, EamonnFlynn, DamianO'Malley, Mark
Feb-2010An assessment of the impact of wind generation on system frequency controlDoherty, RonanMullane, AlanNolan, Gillian (Lalor)Burke, Daniel J.Bryson, AlexanderO'Malley, Mark
May-2010Base-load cycling on a system with significant wind penetrationTroy, NiamhDenny, EleanorO'Malley, Mark
Oct-2010Capacity value of wind power: summaryO'Malley, MarkMilligan, Michael R.Holttinen, HanneleDent, ChrisKeane, Andrew
5-Sep-2011Challenges posed by the integration of wave power onto the Irish power systemKavanagh, DavidKeane, AndrewFlynn, Damian
20-Jul-2017Comparison of the Dynamic Response of Wind Turbine Primary Frequency ControllersCerqueira, JoaoBruzzone, FrancescoCastro, CarlosMassucco, StefanoMilano, Federico
Nov-2014Corrective Voltage Control Scheme Considering Demand Response and Stochastic Wind PowerRabiee, AbbasSoroudi, AlirezaMohammadi-Ivatloo, BehnamParniani, Mostafa
26-Aug-2016Emulated Inertial Response from Wind Power: Ancillary Service Design and System Scheduling ConsiderationsDaly, PádraigRuttledge, LisaPower, MichaelFlynn, Damian
Feb-2011Enhanced utilization of voltage control resources with distributed generationKeane, AndrewOchoa, LuisVittal, EknathDent, ChrisHarrison, Gareth
Jul-2010Evolution of operating reserve determination in wind power integration studiesEla, ErikKirby, BrendanLannoye, EamonnMilligan, Michael R.Flynn, DamianZavadil, BobO'Malley, Mark
Jul-2010Impact of variable generation in generation resource planning modelsShortt, AonghusO'Malley, Mark
Apr-2017Impact of voltage dip induced delayed active power recovery on wind integrated power systemsZ.H. Rather, D. FlynnRather, Zakir H.Flynn, Damian
Oct-2012Impact of Wind Forecast Error Statistics Upon Unit CommitmentLowery, ColmO'Malley, Mark
Jul-2010Ireland's approach for the connection of large amounts of renewable generationSmith, PaulCuffe, PaulGrimes, SimonHearne, Tony
Jul-2010Multi-mode operation of Combined Cycle Gas Turbines with increasing wind penetrationTroy, NiamhO'Malley, Mark
Aug-2010Multi-mode operation of combined-cycle gas turbines with increasing wind penetrationTroy, NiamhFlynn, DamianO'Malley, Mark
Jun-2003Quantifying reserve demands due to increasing wind power penetrationDoherty, RonanO'Malley, Mark
Jun-2006A quantitative analysis of the net benefits of grid integrated windDenny, EleanorBryans, GarthFitz Gerald, JohnO'Malley, Mark
Oct-2015A Robust Computational Framework for Mid-Term Techno-Economical Assessment of Energy StorageMaghouli, PouryaSoroudi, AlirezaKeane, Andrew