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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Vanishing of eigenspaces and cyclotomic fieldsOsburn, Robert
Mar-2019Variability of Breast Density Classification Between US and UK RadiologistsAlomaim, WijdanO'Leary, DesireeRyan, JohnRainford, Louise A.Evanoff, MichaelFoley, Shane J.
Oct-2010Variability of load and net load in case of large scale distributed wind powerHolttinen, HanneleKiviluoma, JuhaEstanqueiro, AnaAigner, TobiasWan, Yih-HueiMilligan, Michael R.
Jan-2019Variable glycemic responses to intact and hydrolysed milk proteins in overweight and obese adults reveal the need for precision nutritionCurran, Aoife M.Horner, Katy M.O'Sullivan, VictoriaBrennan, Lorraineet al.
Mar-2010Variable selection and updating in model-based discriminant analysis for high dimensional data with food authenticity applicationsMurphy, Thomas BrendanDean, NemaRaftery, Adrian E.
28-Dec-2017Variable Selection for Latent Class Analysis with Application to Low Back Pain DiagnosisFop, MichaelSmart, KeithMurphy, Thomas Brendan
26-Apr-2018Variable selection methods for model-based clusteringFop, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Sep-1997Variables used to characterise the Four Areas Badger survey removal/reference areasHammond, Robert F.
2020Variance and accuracy in probability estimation from samples : the case of cognitive biasesHowe, Rita
18-Nov-2014Variance components for susceptibility to Mycobacterium bovis infection in dairy and beef cattleRichardson, Ian W.Bradley, Dan G.Higgins, Isabella M.More, Simon Johnet al.
10-Jun-2010The Variance Gamma Self-Decomposable Process in Actuarial ModellingO'Sullivan, ConallMoloney, Michael
28-Jun-2007Variance-based Clustering Technique for Distributed Data Mining ApplicationsAouad, LamineLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
2013VariationRegan, Vera
Jun-1996Variation in French Interlanguage : a longitudinal study of sociolinguistic competenceRegan, Vera
2017Variation in Zymoseptoria tritici virulence genes in field isolatesMascarello, Maurizio
Nov-2005Variation linguistique dans les situations formelles chez les PamakaMigge, Bettina
Dec-2009Variational Bayesian inference for the Latent Position Cluster ModelSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jan-2013Variational Bayesian inference for the Latent Position Cluster Model for network dataSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
28-Sep-2017Variational Identification of Markovian Transition StatesMartini, LindaKells, AdamCovino, RobertoBuchete, Nicolae-Viorelet al.
1-Feb-2009Variations in travel time for N loading to groundwaters in four case studies in Ireland: Implications for policy makers and regulatorsFenton, OwenCoxon, CatherineHaria, AHMurphy, Paulet al.