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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2004Cross-border mergers as instruments of comparative advantageNeary, J. Peter
21-Mar-2013Cross-linguistic influence in language creation: Assessing the role of the Gbe languages in the formation of the Creoles of SurinameEssegbey, JamesMigge, BettinaWinford, Donald
Aug-2005A cross-population analysis of the growth of long bones and the os coxae of three Early Medieval Austrian populationsPinhasi, RonTeschler-Nicola, M.Knaus, A.Shaw, P.
Nov-2003A cross-sectional analysis of the utilisation of GP services in Ireland : 1987- 2001Nolan, AnneNolan, Brian
19-Jan-2012Cross-talk between mitogenic Ras/MAPK and survival PI3K/Akt pathways: a fine balanceAksamitiene, EditaKiyatkin, Anatoly B.Kholodenko, Boris N.
9-Jun-2014'The Crossing of Love': The Inoperative Community and Romantic Love in Feridun Zaimoglu's 'Fünf klopfende Herzen, wenn die Liebe Springt' and HinterlandTwist, Joseph
30-Jun-2004Crossover, Population Dynamics and Convergence in the GAuGE SystemNicolau, MiguelRyan, Conor
2012Crosstalk and Signaling Switches in Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase CascadesFey, DirkCroucher, David R.Kolch, Walteret al.
Feb-2016Crosstalk between toll-like receptors and hypoxia-dependent pathways in health and diseaseCrifo, BiancaTaylor, Cormac T.
Jan-2015Crush analysis and multi-objective optimization design for circular tube under quasi-static lateral loadingBaroutaji, A.Gilchrist, M. D.Smyth, D.Olabi, A. G.
1-Aug-2007Cryptanalysis of optical security systems with significant output imagesSitu, GuohaiGopinathan, UnnikrishnanMonaghan, David S.Sheridan, John T.
Mar-2011The Crystallization of Regulatory NormsCasey, Donal (Donal K.)Scott, Colin
1992The Culliton Report : a critical responseMcDowell, Moore
Apr-2010A Cultural Analysis of Administrative JusticeHalliday, SimonScott, Colin
3-May-2012Cultural Attitudes to Sexual Offending and their Impact upon Offender Management in IrelandKeenan, Marie
2001Cultural diversity in Northern Ireland and the Good Friday AgreementNic Craith, Máiréad
Mar-2009The Culture of Paper, Information and Power: An Irish ExampleKomito, Lee
19-Mar-2014CupCarbon: A Multi-Agent and Discrete Event Wireless Sensor Network Design and Simulation ToolMehdi, KamalLounis, MassinissaBounceur, AhcèneKechadi, Tahar
16-Oct-2013The Curated Web: A Recommendation ChallengeSaaya, ZurinaRafter, RachaelSchaal, MarkusSmyth, Barry
31-Oct-2019Curatr: A Platform for Semantic Analysis and Curation of Historical Literary TextsLeavy, SusanMeaney, GerardineWade, KarenGreene, Derek