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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Critical notice : Decontaminating our view of the mindStout, Rowland
Jul-2011A critical review of current policy for the assessment of night-time noise in the EUKing, Eoin A.Murphy, Enda
24-May-2010Critical speed for the dynamics of truck events on bridges with a smooth road surfaceGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.Cantero, DanielLi, YingyanDowling, JasonZnidaric, Ales
2010Critical thinking in the university curriculumAhern, AoifeMac Ruairc, GerryMcNamara, MartinO'Connor, Tom
Oct-2014Critical Urban Discourse Beyond PebbledashMee, Alan
Sep-2012CriticalSorb promotes permeation of flux markers across isolated rat intestinal mucosae and Caco-2 monolayersBrayden, David JamesBzik, V. A.Lewis, A. L.Illum, L.
Nov-1980Critique of ESRI paper no. 97Baker, Terence J.Hannan, DamianRottman, David B.Walsh, Brendan M.
Jan-1984Croesus' priority: Herodotus 1.5.3Lloyd, Michael (Michael A.)
19-May-2016Cross entropy weight minimization of a compressive strutO'Brien, Eugene J.Malekjafarian, AbdollahMicu, Alexandra
15-Apr-2010Cross terms of the Wigner distribution function and aliasing in numerical simulations of paraxial optical systemsHealy, John J.Rhodes, William T.Sheridan, John T.
Oct-2015Cross-asset management for road infrastructure networksWeninger-Vycudil, AlfredHanley, CiaránDeix, StefanO'Connor, AlanPakrashi, Vikram
2006Cross-border and local cooperation on the island of Ireland : an economic perspectiveRoper, Stephen
2001Cross-border bodies and the North-South relationship : laying the groundwork ; implementing strand twoMansergh, MartinPollak, Andy
2004Cross-border co-operation between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland : neo-functionalism revisitedTannam, Etain
1-Mar-2004Cross-border mergers as instruments of comparative advantageNeary, J. Peter
21-Mar-2013Cross-linguistic influence in language creation: Assessing the role of the Gbe languages in the formation of the Creoles of SurinameEssegbey, JamesMigge, BettinaWinford, Donald
Aug-2005A cross-population analysis of the growth of long bones and the os coxae of three Early Medieval Austrian populationsPinhasi, RonTeschler-Nicola, M.Knaus, A.Shaw, P.
Nov-2003A cross-sectional analysis of the utilisation of GP services in Ireland : 1987- 2001Nolan, AnneNolan, Brian
19-Jan-2012Cross-talk between mitogenic Ras/MAPK and survival PI3K/Akt pathways: a fine balanceAksamitiene, EditaKiyatkin, Anatoly B.Kholodenko, Boris N.
9-Jun-2014'The Crossing of Love': The Inoperative Community and Romantic Love in Feridun Zaimoglu's 'Fünf klopfende Herzen, wenn die Liebe Springt' and HinterlandTwist, Joseph