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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Dylan Thomas's ‘Return Journey to Swansea’: A Collaborative Radio PoeticWilliams, Nerys
12-Sep-2014Dynamic Adaptation of the Traffic Management System CarDemoCordier, A.Domingues, RémiLabaere, AnthonyNoel, NicolasThiery, AdrienCerqueus, ThomasPerry, PhilipVentresque, Anthonyet al.
29-Aug-2014Dynamic Amplification Factor of Continuous versus Simply Supported Bridges Due to the Action of a Moving LoadMohammed, OmarCantero, DanielGonzález, ArturoAl-Sabah, Salam
18-May-2018Dynamic amplification factor of continuous versus simply supported bridges due to the action of a moving vehicleGonzález, ArturoMohammed, Omar
Sep-2010Dynamic Amplification Factors for Bridges with Various Boundary ConditionsCarey, CiaranO'Brien, Eugene J.González, Arturo
1-Oct-2015Dynamic amplification of a multi-span orthotropic bridge deck under vehicular movementRezaiguia, AbdelouahabOuelaa, N.Laefer, Debra F.
Aug-2009Dynamic analysis of a beam resting on an elastic half-space with inertial propertiesLaefer, Debra F.Guenfoud, SalahBosakov, Sergey V.
28-Aug-2014Dynamic analysis of a plate resting on elastic half-space with distributive propertiesGuenfoud, SalahBosakov, Sergey V.Laefer, Debra F.
30-Aug-2016Dynamic analysis of the nonlinear response of high density fuel storage racksGonzalez Merino, AlbertoCostas de la Peña, LuisGonzález, Arturo
14-Apr-2011Dynamic ant : introducing a new benchmark for genetic programming in dynamic environmentsFagan, DavidNicolau, MiguelHemberg, ErikO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
2013Dynamic axle force and road profile identification using a moving vehicleMcGetrick, P.Kim, Chul-WooGonzález, Arturoet al.
24-Oct-2012Dynamic Axle Force and Road Profile Identification Using a Moving VehicleMcGetrick, P.Kim, Chul-WooGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.
Oct-2012Dynamic axle force and road profile identification using a moving vehicleMcGetrick, P.Kim, Chul-WooGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.
Apr-2016Dynamic balance deficits in individuals with chronic ankle instability compared to ankle sprain copers 1 year after a first-time lateral ankle sprain injuryDoherty, CailbheBleakley, Chris J.Hertel, JayCaulfield, BrianRyan, JohnDelahunt, Eamonn
20-Dec-2018Dynamic balance performance varies by position but not by age group in elite Rugby Union players a normative studyJohnston, WilliamDuignan, CiaraCoughlan, GarrettCaulfield, Brian
8-Jun-2018Dynamic Behaviour of ArchesFanning, Paul
30-Aug-2004Dynamic choice of robust strategies in dialogue managementMcEleney, BryanO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
26-Sep-2018Dynamic Cliff-Top Beam Response to Wave ImpactHerterich, JamesCox, RonadhDias, Frédéric
28-Sep-2007Dynamic Complexity Scaling for Real-Time H.264/AVC Video EncodingIvanov, YuriBleakley, Chris J.
Nov-2006Dynamic crack bifurcation in PMMAMurphy, NealAli, M.Ivankovic, Alojz