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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2014Foreign bidders going once, going twice... Protection in government procurement auctionsCole, Matthew T.Davies, Ronald B.
29-Nov-2001Foreign competition and wage inequalityNeary, J. Peter
Feb-2006Foreign direct investment and institutional co-evolution in IrelandBarry, Frank
Jul-2012Foreign Direct Investment and The Ease of Doing BusinessCorcoran, AdrianGillanders, Robert
May-2002Foreign direct investment and the single marketNeary, J. Peter
Mar-2001Foreign direct investment, agglomerations and demonstration effects : an empirical investigationBarry, FrankGörg, HolgerStrobl, Eric
Apr-2017Foreign Divorce Recognition and Residence: A Critical Analysis of H v HNí Shúilleabháin, Máire
30-May-2004Foreign shocks and the volatility of the ISEQBredin, DonalGavin, CarolineO'Reilly, Gerard
May-2001Forensic accounting and intellectual property infringementBrennan, NiamhHennessy, John
Oct-2001Forensic accounting and the calculation of commercial damagesBrennan, NiamhHennessy, John
Sep-2001Forensic Accounting and the Calculation of Personal Injury DamagesBrennan, NiamhHennessy, John
Nov-2014Forensic Accounting in a Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy: The Case of IrelandBrennan, Niamh
18-Jul-2014Forensic Acquisition and Analysis of Tango VoIPLe-Khac, Nhien-AnSgaras, ChristosKechadi, Tahar
26-May-2016Forensic Analysis of Ares Galaxy Peer-to-Peer NetworkKolenbrander, FrankLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
23-May-2018Forensic analysis of Exfat ArtefactsVandermeer, YvesLe-Khac, Nhien-AnCarthy, JoeKechadi, Tahar
31-Mar-2017Forensic Analysis of Virtual Hard DrivesTobin, PatrickLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
2006Forensic investigation methodology for structures experiencing settlementLaefer, Debra F.Evans, AshleyFrazier, Jon
2015Forensic readiness capability for cloud computingDe Marco, Lucia
Nov-2015Forensics Acquisition Of Imvu: A Case StudyVoorst, Robert vanKechadi, TaharLe-Khac, Nhien-An
18-Jun-2016Forensics in Industrial Control system: A Case StudyVan Vliet, PieterKechadi, TaharLe-Khac, Nhien-An