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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2015A fully integrated 28nm Bluetooth low-energy transmitter with 36% system efficiency at 3dBmKuo, Feng-WeiBabaie, MasoudChen, RonStaszewski, Robert Bogdanet al.
23-May-2016A Fully Integrated Bluetooth Low-Energy Transmitter in 28 nm CMOS With 36% System Efficiency at 3 dBmBabaie, MasoudKuo, Feng-WeiChen, RonStaszewski, Robert Bogdanet al.
13-Dec-2012Functional Assessment for Predicting Charge-Transfer Excitations of Dyes in Complexed State: A Study of Triphenylamine-Donor Dyes on Titania for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsDev, PratibhaAgrawal, SaurabhEnglish, Niall J.
1-Jan-2014Functional connectivity between ventral and dorsal frontoparietal networks underlies stimulus-driven and working memory-driven sources of visual distractionGreene, Ciara M.Soto, David
30-Oct-2003Functional Dependency and Degeneracy: Detailed Analysis of the GAuGE SystemNicolau, MiguelAuger, AnneRyan, Conor
2-Oct-2012Functional equivalence or behavioural matching? A critical reflection on 15 years of research using the PETTLEP model of motor imageryWakefield, CarolineSmith, DaveMoran, Aidan P.Holmes, Paul
15-Jul-2010Functional impact of global rare copy number variation in autism spectrum disordersPinto, DalilaPagnamenta, Alistair T.Klei, LambertusRegan, ReginaConroy, JudithCasey, JillianGreen, AndrewSegurado, RicardoShah, NaishaEnnis, Seanet al.
Aug-2003Functional literacy, educational attainment and earnings : a multi-country comparisonDenny, KevinHarmon, ColmO'Sullivan, Vincent
Apr-2000Functional literacy, educational attainment and earnings : evidence from the international adult literacy surveyDenny, KevinHarmon, ColmRedmond, Sandra
19-Aug-2010Functional proteomics to dissect tyrosine kinase signalling pathways in cancerKolch, WalterPitt, Andrew
24-Aug-2010Functional Roles of Multiple Feedback Loops in Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase and Wnt Signaling Pathways That Regulate Epithelial-Mesenchymal TransitionShin, S.-Y.Rath, OliverZebisch, al.
Oct-2006The functional urban region of Dublin : the evolution of the new functional urban region of Dublin and its influence on future regional planning and developmentWilliams, Brendan
2009Functionally biarticular control for smart prostheticsGillespie, BrentBaker, J.O'Malley, MarciaShewokis, PatriciaContreras-Vidal, Jose Luis
2015Functions and uses of now in the speech of newcomers to IrelandMigge, Bettina
1-Jul-2007Fundamental diffraction limitations in a paraxial 4-f imaging system with coherent and incoherent illuminationKelly, Damien P.Sheridan, John T.Rhodes, William T.
7-Mar-2016Fundamental Mechanisms in Orthogonal Cutting of Medical Grade Cobalt Chromium Alloy (ASTM F75)Ahearne, EamonnBaron, Szymon
2006Funding support for cross-border and north-south cooperation on the island of Ireland, 1982-2005 : an overviewMagennis, EoinClarke, PatriciaShiels, Joseph
2006Funds of hedge funds : not the poor cousins of the hedge fund industryHutson, Elaine
Nov-2015Further Archaeological Excavations at Trench 10, Pattern Bank, Seven Churches Townland, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow 2015Kelly, NiamhWarren, GraemeMcDermott, Conor
28-Nov-2018Further description of bovine tuberculosis trends in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, 2003–2015More, Simon J.Houtsma, ErikDoyle, LiamMcGrath, Guy al.