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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2012Fragility analysis of steel and concrete wind turbine towersQuilligan, AidanO'Connor, AlanPakrashi, Vikram
May-2009The fragmented discourse of the 'knowledgeable doer': nursing academics' and nurse managers' perspectives on a master's education for nursesDrennan, JonathanHyde, Abbey
Nov-2019Framework development for ‘just transition’ in coal producing jurisdictionsHarrahill, KieranDouglas, Owen
8-Jan-2016Framework for Bridge Inspection with Laser ScanningTruong-Hong, LinhFalter, HolgerLennon, DonalLaefer, Debra F.
Apr-1995A framework for equality proofingUniversity College, Dublin. Equality Studies CentreLynch, KathleenBaker, JohnConnelly, Alpha
25-Sep-2009A framework for time-controlled and portable WSN applicationsSchoofs, AnthonyAoun, MarcStok, Peter van derCatalano, JulienSerna Oliver, RamonFohler, Gerhard
12-Sep-2018A Framework To Assess The Interoperability Of Commercial Buildings At A District ScaleShamsi, Mohammad HarisAli, UsmanAlshehri, FawazO'Donnell, James
1-Dec-2016A Framework to Implement IoT Network Performance Modelling Techniques for Network Solution SelectionDelaney, DeclanO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
8-Nov-2010FreeGaming : mobile, collaborative, adaptive and augmented ExerGamingGorgu, LeventCampbell, Abraham G.McCusker, KealanDragone, MauroO'Grady, Michael J.O'Connor, Noel E.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
2012Freegaming: Mobile, Collaborative, Adaptive and Augmented ExerGamingGorgu, LeventCampbell, Abraham G.McCusker, KealanDragone, MauroO'Grady, Michael J.O'Connor, Noel E.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
2000Freeze-Chilling of FoodGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
1977Freezing Performance and Quality of Strawberries Grown in Peat and Mineral SoilGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
17-Mar-2016Frequency DividerMilano, FedericoOrtega, Alvaro
2011Frequency dynamics during high CCGT and wind penetrationsMeegahapola, LasanthaFlynn, Damian
2-Feb-2009Frequency modulation atomic force microscopy in ambient environments utilizing robust feedback tuningKilpatrick, J. I.Gannepalli, A.Cleveland, J. P.Jarvis, Suzi
27-Nov-2015Frequency modulation of ERK activation dynamics rewires cell fateRyu, HyunryulChung, MinhwanDobrzynsk, MaciejFey, DirkKholodenko, Boris al.
8-Jan-2018Frequency of Self-Reported Concussion Amongst Professional and Semi-Professional Footballers in Ireland During the 2014 Season: a Cross-Sectional StudyCoffey, NicolaLawless, MartinKelly, SeamusBuggy, Conor J.
5-Mar-2018Frequency Participation FactorsOrtega, AlvaroMilano, Federico
Dec-2007Frequency quantization in first-order digital phase-locked loops with frequency-modulated inputTertinek, StefanTeplinsky, AlexeyFeely, Orla
Mar-2016Frequency-dependent modulation of dopamine release by nicotine and dopamine D1 ligands: an in vitro fast cyclic voltammetry study in rat striatumGoutier, W.Lowry, John P.McCreary, Andrew C.O'Connor, J. J.