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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015Hands (after Geta Bratescu)Williams, Nerys
18-Dec-2019Hanseatic Governance: Understanding Blockchain as Organizational TechnologyMiscione, GianlucaKlein, StefanSchwabe, GerhardGoerke, TobiasZiolkowski, Rafael
27-Sep-2018Happy birthday? An observational studyKelly, Gabrielle E.Kelleher, Cecily C.
2000Harassment of clinical psychologists by clientsDunne, DeirdreCarr, Alan
24-Dec-2018Hardware-in-the-Loop Validation of the Frequency Divider FormulaOrtega, AlvaroMusa, AysarMonti, AntonelloMilano, Federico
Aug-2013Harmonic divisors and rationality of zeros of Jacobi polynomialsRender, Hermann
15-Jan-2016Harmonic functions which vanish on a cylindrical surfaceGardiner, Stephen J.Render, Hermann
Sep-2018Harmonic stability of VSC connected Low Frequency AC offshore transmission with long HVAC cablesRuddy, JonathanChen, JunruMeere, RonanO'Loughlin, CathalO’Donnell, Terence Martin
Jan-1995Harmonising Irish tax rates : a computable general equilibrium approachDenny, KevinHannan, AoifeO'Rourke, Kevin H.
17-Jul-2016Harnessing Crowdsourced Recommendation Preference Data from Casual GameplaySmyth, BarryRafter, RachaelBanks, Sam
Dec-2018Harnessing Electricity Retail Tariffs to Support Climate Change PolicyRyan, L. (Lisa B.)La Monaca, SarahMastrandrea, LindaSpodniak, Petr
29-Jun-2018Harnessing electricity retail tariffs to support climate change policyRyan, L. (Lisa B.)La Monaca, SarahMastrandrea, LindaSpodniak, Petr
3-Sep-2012Harnessing the Experience Web to Support User-Generated Product ReviewsDong, RuihaiSchaal, MarkusO'Mahony, Michael P.McCarthy, KevinSmyth, Barry
8-Jun-2013Harnessing the innovative potential of knowledge in the digital enterpriseO Riordan, NiamhO’Reilly, PhilipAdam, Frédéric
27-Jul-2018Hartmann–Shack wavefront sensing without a lenslet array using a digital micromirror deviceVohnsen, BrianCarmichael Martins, AlessandraQaysi, SalihahSharmin, Najnin
Nov-2005Has Euro-area inflation persistence changed over time?O'Reilly, GerardWhelan, Karl
Apr-2004Has Euro-area inflation persistence changed over time?O'Reilly, GerardWhelan, Karl
Mar-2015Has Subjective General Health Declined with the Economic Crisis? A Comparison across European CountriesDenny, Kevin
1-Jan-2018Hashtagger+: Efficient High-Coverage Social Tagging of Streaming NewsShi, BichenPoghosyan, GevorgIfrim, GeorgianaHurley, Neil J.
27-Oct-2004Haste: The Forgotten VirtueShotton, Elizabeth