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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2007How tight are safety-nets in Nordic countries? : evidence from Finnish register dataBargain, OlivierImmervoll, HerwigViitamäki, Heikki
11-Jul-2014How to (Possibly) Foil Multimedia Security?Balado, FélixFournel, Thierry
Jul-2019How To Analyse A Supranational Regime That Nationalises Social Conflict? The European Crisis, Labour Politics and Methodological NationalismErne, Roland
Apr-2018How to DisappointClancy, Annette
6-Mar-2014How To Explain The Swiss Vote Against The Free Movement Of WorkersErne, Roland
1-Apr-2020How to make remote working workClancy, Annette
Jul-2009How to make your library more accessible to all usersTrimble, Julie
1989How to measure competitivenessDurkan, Joe
1-Feb-2020How to recognise and eliminate groupthinkClancy, Annette
7-May-2014How to tackle stigma and bias: Lessons from childhood diseases and disabilitiesHennessy, Eilis
Feb-2018How to...Manage Resistance to ChangeClancy, Annette
24-Mar-2008How unlucky is 25-Sigma?Dowd, KevinCotter, JohnHumphrey, ChristopherWoods, Margaret
2008How unlucky is 25-Sigma?Dowd, KevinCotter, JohnHumphrey, ChristopherWoods, Margaret
22-Sep-2015How well do you know your growth chambers? Testing for chamber effect using plant traitsPorter, Amanda S.Evans-FitzGerald, ChristianaMcElwain, Jennifer C.Yiotis, CharilaosElliott-Kingston, Caroline
2003How ‘live’ is the live register and other puzzles in the measurement of unemploymentWalsh, Brendan M.
2004Howth house, Co DublinO'Donnell, SheilaTuomey, John
21-May-2015HTML5 Zero Configuration Covert Channels: Security Risks and ChallengesFarina, JasonScanlon, MarkKohlmann, StephenLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
24-Apr-2020HTML: Hierarchical Transformer-based Multi-task Learning for Volatility PredictionYang, LinyiNg, Tin Lok JamesSmyth, BarryDong, Ruihai
14-Sep-2018Human Activity Recognition with Convolutional Neural NetworksBevilacqua, AntonioMacDonald, KyleRangarej, AaminaWidjaya, VenessaCaulfield, BrianKechadi, Tahar
18-Apr-2019Human Behavior Prediction Though Noninvasive and Privacy-Preserving Internet of Things (IoT) Assisted MonitoringXu, LinaPombo, Nuno