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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006An island economy or island economies? Ireland after the Belfast agreementBradley, John
5-Sep-2019Islands in the stream: Encouraging teacher collaboration in an otherwise solitary professionNí Shúilleabháin, Aoibhinn
2011Isolation and Characterization of Recovered Starch from Industrial WastewaterDevereux, SabrinaShuttleworth, PeterMacquarrie, DuncanParadisi, Francesca
1-Aug-2012Isolation and Phenotypic Characterisation of Stem Cells from Late Stage Osteoarthritic Mesenchymal TissuesLabusca, LuminitaZugun-Eloae, FlorinShaw, Georginaet al.
15-Oct-2012Isolation of Bowman-Birk-Inhibitor from soybean extracts using novel peptide probes and high gradient magnetic separationFields, ConorMallee, PaulLee, Gil U.
23-Jun-2011Isomorphism in Higher Education Policy: the incorporation of supranational perspectives into Irish national policyClancy, Patrick
21-Mar-2019Isoniazid (INH) mono-resistance and tuberculosis (TB) treatment success: analysis of European surveillance data, 2002 to 2014Karo, BaselKohlenberg, AnkeHollo, VahurKearns, Cathrionaet al.
1-Jul-2012Isotropy over function fields of Pfister formsO'Shea, James
4-Mar-2020Issues and Service Access Barriers for Homeless Women with Complex Issues: A Scoping ReviewMacDonald, SteveChristophers, LaurenMorton, Sarah
2003Issues in emissions trading : an introductionConvery, Frank J.
2013It takes two to tango—signalling by dimeric Raf kinasesBaljuls, AngelaKholodenko, Boris N.Kolch, Walter
Dec-2016'It Took a Leap of Faith.' Care and Connect: A Model for Practitioner Research in IrelandDonnelly, SarahAnand, Janet
19-Dec-2012It's About Time: Investigating The Temporal Parameters Of Decision-Making In Agile TeamsO Riordan, NiamhActon, ThomasConboy, KieranGolden, Willie
Aug-2003Item Selection Strategies for Collaborative FilteringRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
Feb-2019It’s not just for boys! Understanding Gender Differences in STEMDelaney, Judith M.Devereux, Paul J.
3-Jun-2013iVMp: an Interactive VM Placement Algorithm for Agile Capital AllocationLi, XiVentresque, AnthonyStokes, NicolaThorburn, JamesMurphy, John
2000Íte: patron of her people?Johnston, Elva
Jan-2015I’ve Been Everywhere (Except Mexico): Investor Responses to NAFTA’s Cross-Border Trucking ProvisionsDavies, Ronald B.Liebman, Benjamin H.Tomlin, Kasaundra
1-Jul-2019Jack of all trades? Involved father, ideal worker and caring husbandByrne, JaniceDowling-Hetherington, LindaCanato, Anna
Aug-2009Jack Yeats and DublinKennedy, Roisin Askale