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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Dec-2007Large-scale linkage analysis of 1302 affected relative pairs with rheumatoid arthritisHamshere, Marian L.Segurado, RicardoMoskvina, ValentinaNikolov, IvanGlaser, BeateHolmans, Peter
Mar-2014Large-scale movements in European badgers: has the tail of the movement kernel been underestimated?Byrne, Andrew W.Quinn, J. L.O'Keeffe, Jameset al.
15-Mar-2016Large-Scale Profiling of Kinase Dependencies in Cancer Cell LinesCampbell, JamesRyan, Colm J.Brough, Rachelet al.
May-2012Large-scale, linked drainage systems in the NW European Triassic: insights from the Pb isotopic composition of detrital K-feldsparTyrrell, ShaneSouders, A. KateDaly, J. StephenShannon, Patrick M.Haughton, Peter D. W.
8-Aug-2011Larval Transport Modelling of Deep-sea Invertebrates Can Aid the Search for Undiscovered PopulationsYearsley, Jonathan M.Sigwart, Julia D.
15-Jun-2010Laser micro-processing of amorphous and partially crystalline Cu45Zr48Al7 alloyAqida, S. N.Brabazon, DermotNaher, al.
2014Laser produced plasmas as a source of ions, protons and X-raysStefanuik, Robert
Nov-2010The last major Irish bank failure : lessons for today?Ó Gráda, Cormac
Jan-2014The Last Word : Irish-American AdoptionsO'Brien, ValeriePavao, Joyce Maguire
Mar-2016'The Last, the Most Dreadful Resource of Nature’: Economic-historical Reflections on FamineÓ Gráda, Cormac
7-Sep-2011Late conversion : the impact of professionalism on European rugby unionHogan, Vincent (Vincent Peter)Massey, PatrickMassey, Shane
10-Mar-2009A late Mesolithic lithic scatter from Corralanna, Co. Westmeath, and its place in the Mesolithic landscape of the Irish MidlandsWarren, GraemeLittle, AimeeStanley, Michael
Aug-2012A late-Holocene climate record in stalagmites from Modrič Cave (Croatia)Rudzka, DominikaMcDermott, FrankSuric, Masa
25-May-2011A late-time analysis procedure for extracting weak resonances. Application to the Schumann resonances obtained with the TLM methodMorente, J. A.Navarro, E. A.Porti, J. al.
15-Sep-2014A Latent Space Analysis of Editor Lifecycles in WikipediaQin, ZiangjuGreene, DerekCunningham, Pádraig
11-Dec-2010A latent space mapping for link predictionBrew, AnthonySalter-Townshend, Michael
Sep-2017Latent space models for multiview network dataSalter-Townshend, MichaelMcCormick, Tyler H.
1997The later applied work of R. C. GearyWalsh, Brendan M.
May-2009Lateral image degradation in terrestrial laser scanningLaefer, Debra F.Fitzgerald, M.Maloney, Eoghan M.Coyne, DavidLennon, DonalMorrish, Sean
Dec-2011Laterally loaded monopile design for offshore wind farmsDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth