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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2012Load inertia estimation using white and grey-box estimators for power systems with high wind penetrationBank Tavakoli, M. RezaPower, MichaelRuttledge, LisaFlynn, Damian
8-Jun-2018Load tests on archesFanning, Paul
Nov-2011Local and national belonging in a globalised world : the case of contemporary IrelandInglis, TomDonnelly, Susie
18-Nov-2016Local and Remote Estimations Using Fitted Polynomials on Distribution SystemsMurphy, ConorKeane, Andrew
2009Local belonging, identities and sense of place in contemporary IrelandInglis, Tom
Nov-1983Local broadcasting : commercial or public service?Sheehan, John
Nov-2018Local delivery of macromolecules to treat diseases associated with the colonBak, A.Ashford, Marianne B.Brayden, David J.
Mar-2013Local derivations on Jordan triplesMackey, Michael
Oct-1985Local government financeMcDowell, Moore
Jun-2017Local linkages: The interdependence of foreign and domestic firmsHynes, KateKwan, Yum K.Foley, Anthony
2015Local piezoresponse and polarization switching in nucleobase thymine microcrystalsBdikin, IgorHeredia, AlejandroNeumayer, Sabine M.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Aug-2008Local polarization switching in the presence of surface-charged defects: microscopic mechanisms and piezoresponse force spectroscopy observationsMorozovska, A. N.Svechnikov, Sergei V.Eliseev, Eugene A.Rodriguez, Brian al.
11-Jun-2008Local probing of relaxation time distributions in ferroelectric polymer nanomesas: Time-resolved piezoresponse force spectroscopy and spectroscopic imagingRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Kim, Jiheeet al.
Jun-2012Local Versus Centralized Charging Strategies for Electric Vehicles in Low Voltage Distribution SystemsRichardson, PeterFlynn, DamianKeane, Andrew
May-2006Localisation of normal faults in multilayer sequencesSchöpfer, Martin P. J.Childs, ConradWalsh, John J.
Feb-2011Localized IR spectroscopy of hemoglobinYarrow, FionaRice, James H.
23-May-2017Locating Reactive Groups on Nanomaterials with Gold Nanoclusters: Toward a Surface Reactive Site MapThomas, Steffi S.Coleman, MatthewCarroll, EmmaPolo, EsterMeder, FabianDawson, Kenneth A.
Dec-2008Location and Evaluation of Maximum Dynamic Effects on a Simply Supported Beam due to a Quarter-Car ModelCantero, DanielGonzález, Arturo
Mar-2015Location decision-making of 'creative' industries: the media and computer game sectors in Dublin, IrelandMurphy, EndaFox-Rogers, LindaRedmond, Declan
Nov-2015Location Decisions of Non-Bank Financial Foreign Direct Investment: Firm-Level Evidence from EuropeDavies, Ronald B.Killeen, Neill