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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2015Academic freedom and the commercialisation of the universities: a critical ethical analysisLynch, KathleenIvancheva, Mariya P.
1-Oct-2015Academic freedom and the commercialisation of universities: a critical ethical analysisLynch, KathleenIvancheva, Mariya P.
19-Dec-2008Academic Outcome, Anxiety and Attitudes in Early and Late Immersion in IrelandÓ Muircheartaigh, JonathanHickey, Tina
May-2015The Academic Profession in IrelandClarke, MarieDrennan, JonathanHarmon, DavidHyde, AbbeyPolitis, Yurgos
Oct-2006Academic review of practice instruments : national care planning projectO'Brien, Valerie
31-Aug-2007Academic Skills Development and the Enhancement of the Learning ExperienceDowling, LindaRyan, Orna
Nov-2010Acceleration and rotation rate profile comparison from inertial sensors mounted on the service arm between tennis players of different skill levelPatterson, MatthewCaulfield, BrianConroy, Luke
Jun-2000Acceleration into sprawl : causes and potential policy responsesWilliams, BrendanShiels, Patrick
12-Jul-2011Acceleration of grammatical evolution using graphics processing unitsPospichal, PetrMuphy, EoinO'Neill, MichaelSchwarz, JosefJaros, Jiri
13-Jun-2018Acceleration-based Bridge Scour MonitoringFitzgerald, PCO'Brien, Eugene J.Malekjafarian, AbdollahPrendergast, Luke J.
2003Access to housing : the role of housing supply and urban development policy in the Greater Dublin areaWilliams, BrendanShiels, PatrickHughes, Brian
2003Accessibility, transportation, infrastructure planning and Irish regional policy : issues and dilemmasReynolds-Feighan, Aisling J.
Feb-2013Accommodating Variability in Generation PlanningShortt, AonghusKiviluoma, JuhaO'Malley, Mark
2000Accountability in the Regulatory StateScott, Colin
Jan-2016Accountability Processes in Boardrooms: A Conceptual Model of Manager-Non-Executive Director Information AsymmetryBrennan, NiamhKirwan, Collette E.Redmond, John
Oct-2001Accountants' liability for negligenceBrennan, NiamhHennessy, John
2000Accountants' reports on profit forecasts : regulation and practiceBrennan, NiamhGray, S. J.
2005Accounting expertise in litigation and dispute resolutionBrennan, Niamh
Jan-2018Accounting for transaction costs in planning policy evaluationShahab, SinaClinch, J. PeterO'Neill, Eoin
2003Accounting in crisis : a story of auditing, accounting, corporate governance and market failuresBrennan, Niamh