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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2012Multiculturalism, Representation and Integration: Citizenship Requirements for Jury ServiceHowlin, Niamh
20-Oct-2018Multidisciplinary cognitive behavioural therapy pain management programme incorporating Tai Chi exercise for participants with mobility Issues: A feasability evaluationRothwell, Elvina ElizabethSzukalska, NataliaMurphy, PaulPeatfield, AlanFleming, Hamishet al.
12-Aug-2015Multifamily Housing and Resident Life Satisfaction: Evidence from the European Social SurveyWinston, Nessa
7-Nov-2008Multigranular spatio-temporal models : implementation challengesCamossi, ElenaBertolotto, MichelaBertino, Elisa
21-Aug-2017Multigroup Multicast Beamformer Design for MISO-OFDM With Antenna SelectionVenkatraman, GaneshTolli, AnttiJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
14-Aug-2019A multilayer exponential random graph modelling approach for weighted networksCaimo, AlbertoGollini, Isabella
Dec-2006Multinational companies, backward linkages and labour demand elasticitiesWalsh, FrankGörg, HolgerHenry, MichaelStrobl, Eric
Oct-1995Multinationals and indigenous employment : an "Irish disease"?Barry, FrankHannan, Aoife
Feb-2008Multinomial Probit Estimates of College Completion at Two-Year and Four-Year SchoolsJepsen, Christopher
Apr-2017Multiple Coincident Eruptive Seismic Tremor Sources During the 2014-2015 Eruption at Holuhraun, IcelandEibl, Eva P. S.Bean, Christopher J.Jónsdóttir, IngibjörgHöskuldsson, ArmannThordarson, ThorvaldurCoppola, DiegoWitt, TanjaWalter, Thomas R.
Sep-2015Multiple Frequencies in the Basal Ganglia in Parkinsons DiseaseDavidson, ClareDe Paor, AnnraoiLowery, Madeleine M.
Dec-2003Multiple standard reactors during bovine tuberculosis episode as a predictor of future herd breakdowns in IrelandOlea-Popelka, FranciscoWhite, PaulCollins, John D.O'Keeffe, JamesMartin, S. Wayne
Oct-2015Multiple temporalities in violent conflicts: Northern Ireland, the Basque Country and MacedoniaRuane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
10-Apr-2013Multiprofessional Views on Older Patients’ Participation in Care Planning Meetings in a Hospital ContextDonnelly, SarahCarter-Anand, JanetCahill, Suzanneet al.
5-Nov-2018Multiresolution network modelsFosdick, Bailey K.McCormick, Tyler H.Murphy, Thomas BrendanNg, Tin Lok JamesWestling, Ted
6-Jan-2015Multiscale Model of Dynamic Neuromodulation Integrating Neuropeptide-Induced Signaling Pathway Activity with Membrane ElectrophysiologyMakadia, Hirenkumar K.Anderson, Warren D.Fey, Dirket al.
Apr-1999A multisector model of efficiency wagesWalsh, Frank
Jan-1995A multisector model of efficiency wagesWalsh, Frank
25-Apr-2005Multivariate modeling of daily REIT volatilityCotter, JohnStevenson, Simon
Jul-2009Multivariate-parameter optimization of acid blue-7 wastewater treatment by Ti/TiO2 photoelectrocatalysis via Box-Behnken designFu, J.F.Zhao, Y.Q.Xue, X.D.Li, W.C.Babatunde, A.O.