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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2005Modelling catastrophic risk in international equity markets : an extreme value approachCotter, John
Nov-2004Modelling extreme financial returns of global equity marketsCotter, John
13-Oct-2011Modelling Extreme Traffic Loading on Bridges Using Kernal Density EstimatorsLeahy, CathalO'Brien, Eugene J.Enright, Bernard
2004Modelling financial crises of global equity marketsCotter, John
Sep-2013Modelling fluid induced seismicity on a nearby active faultMurphy, ShaneO'Brien, G. S.McCloskey, J.Bean, Christopher J.Nalbant, S.
9-Aug-2017Modelling Household Occupancy Profiles using Data Mining Clustering Techniques on Time Use DataButtitta, GiuseppinaNeu, OlivierTurner, William J. N.Finn, Donal
Nov-2005Modelling inflation dynamics : a critical review of recent researchRudd, JeremyWhelan, Karl
17-Nov-2007Modelling Ireland’s exchange rates : from EMS to EMUBond, D. (Derek)Harrison, Michael J.O'Brien, Edward J. (Edward Joseph)
Sep-2013Modelling of a charge control method for capacitive MEMSGiounanlis, PanagiotisBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaDominguez, ManuelPons Nin, JoanGorreta, Sergi
17-Jun-2015Modelling of a Multi-purpose Commercial Building for Demand Response AnalysisChristantoni, DespoinaFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal
14-May-2019Modelling of Electromagnetic Coupling in Micro-Scale Electromagnetic Energy HarvestersSokolov, AndriiMallick, DhimanRoy, SaibalKennedy, Michael PeterBlokhina, Elena
21-Sep-2000Modelling of failure of structural textile compositesSvensson, N.Gilchrist, M. D.
1-Aug-2011Modelling of Highway Bridge Traffic Loading: Some Recent AdvancesEnright, BernardCaprani, Colin C.O'Brien, Eugene J.
Aug-2003Modelling phosphorus loss from agricultural catchments : a comparison of the performance of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN for the Clarianna catchmentNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, MichaelParkin, GeoffBirkinshaw, SteveMoles, RichardByrne, Paul
15-Nov-2016Modelling Quantified Microbial Source Specific Pollution from Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems during High FlowsCorkery, AislingO'Sullivan, JohnDeering, LouiseDemeter, KatalinBallesté, ElisendaMasterson, BatMeijer, WimO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
28-Jun-2017Modelling residential building stock heating load demand - Comparison of occupancy models at large scaleButtitta, GiuseppinaTurner, William J. N.Neu, OlivierFinn, Donal
13-May-2019Modelling the biochemical and sensory changes of strawberries during storage under diverse relative humidity conditionsKtenioudaki, AnastasiaO'Donnell, Colm Nascimento Nunes, M. Cecilia
Jun-2011Modelling the Cone Penetration Test in sand using Cavity Expansion and Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Finite Element MethodsTolooiyan, AliGavin, Kenneth
Apr-2011Modelling the fracture behaviour of adhesively-bonded joints as a function of test rateKarac, AleksandarBlackman, B. R. K.Cooper, al.
2011Modelling the Fracture Behaviour of Adhesively-Bonded Joints as a Function of Test Rate - A Rate Dependent CZM is Required to Predict the Full Range of BehaviourIvankovic, AlojzKarac, AleksandarBlackman, B. R. al.